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Your Millions Are At Stake! Why Ultra-Affluent Investors

Hi, Chris Snyder here, Co-founder of Pillar Wealth Management. I am here to share with you why families with liquid portfolios of at least $5 Million and up to $500 Million seek our advice.

Some come to us because they’re planning for retirement. Others are looking to invest large cash windfalls from a business or real estate sale, Or they find themselves concentrated in a single stock and need to unwind the large positions.

Then there are people dealing with a sudden change in their life, whether it is the death of a family member, a divorce, a move out of the area, or even a new marriage. Something is changing and they need to adjust their goals and investments.

As fiduciary wealth managers, we help you maximize your portfolio returns and protect the wealth you’ve worked so hard to build. We look to build relationships with clients that we like, trust, and can bring value to. And that means we are selective when we take on a new client.

We find our clients have a lot in common. They often feel like they’re not being told the whole story, they distrust Wall Street and the big investment firms. Many have tried that route and now want personal attention to their lifestyle goals.

These clients don’t want to hit a home run, but they do want to preserve the money they have built and want it to grow. It is common for us to be asked why we look to build relationships with clients that have liquid assets between $5 million and $500 million. Here’s the simple and important answer: There’s a whole of work involved.

You see, the big Wall Street firms, big banks and brokerages, they don’t want work since they don’t bill by the hour like an attorney. They want to shoehorn you into their one-size-fits-all, cook-cutter plans. Not us. We provide our clients a fully custom, individualized approach to wealth planning and investment PLANNING.

Often time these clients find either a PLANNER or a MONEY MANAGER, not both. We believe fully CUSTOM wealth planning and investment is THE ONLY VIABLE WAY to maximize returns AND protect your wealth at the same time. And we can only provide that kind of time and labor intensive, service when the size of the asset base makes financial sense.

If you have between $5 million and $500 million in investable assets and would like to make a course correction and work with an experienced, independent, fiduciary advisory firm, then give us a call.

I urge you start a conversation by making a simple call or text to my Co-Founder and business partner of over 30 years, Hutch Ashoo. You can reach Hutch on his cell (408) 675-1777. Call him or text him anytime, he hardly ever sleeps . Thanks for watching and Hutch and I look forward to talking with you soon. Hutch’s number again is 408-675-1777 call or text him now.