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Who is Pillar Wealth Management?

Pillar Wealth Management is an exclusive firm that specializes in serving only those with significant wealth. Our 30 years of experience is rooted in designing distinctive solutions for individuals and families with $5 million to $500 million in liquid investable assets.

We are different than the massive Wall Street firms and other large firms who worry more about their shareholders and assets under management than planning their clients’ investing and retirement legacies. Our clients demand more and deserve the fully custom investment and planning advice that we provide.

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The Art of Protecting Ultra-High Net Worth Portfolios and Estates
Strategies For Families Worth $25 Million To $500 Million


We provide sound, innovative ideas and share insights that will help you manage not only the financial side of your affairs through an evidence-based approach to investing success, but also the non-financial issues and challenges many families face.

The book will help you integrate wealth management with financial life planning, merging soft life issues with complex financial strategies, so your human and financial capital will both flourish.

Expert Wealth Management Services

Helping Families With $5 Million to $500 Million of Investable Liquid Assets Invest, Grow And Protect Their Portfolios

Pillar Wealth Management is different than the massive Wall Street investment management firms and the large wealth management firms who worry more about their shareholders and assets under management than planning their client’s investing and retirement legacy.

In fact, our wealth managers collectively accept only 17 new clients each year. Why?

Because Pillar Wealth Management refuse to offer cookie-cutter financial services or advice. As a person of wealth, you have a right to demand more. You deserve better.

You deserve nothing less than fully custom investment advisory, private wealth management and financial planning advice from financial advisors you can trust.

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The Costs of Leaving Your Investments Where They Are

Much can go wrong if you don’t do something to change your situation. If you keep doing what you’re doing, you might not keep getting what you’re getting now. Why? Because there are too many malevolent forces, institutions, and realities of life outside your control that seek to do you harm, financially or otherwise.

What Can Go Wrong

What if a parent contracts Alzheimer’s disease two years before you plan to retire?

What if one of your children marries poorly, and starts hemorrhaging wealth due to their spouse or spouse’s family?

What if a wealth tax gets approved, or the highest income tax bracket shifts up to 70%?

What if the economic realities shift, and a business you thought was just okay becomes ten times more valuable and you sell it for a nine-figure windfall?

That last one isn’t a malevolent force, but the reality of a sudden infusion of wealth changes your life in dramatic ways.

How Will You Respond?

Do you have a process for how to respond when these sorts of events happen in your life?

Do you have access to unconflicted, expert, fiduciary, trusted financial advice from a wealth manager or financial advisor?

Does that financial advisor or wealth manager offer more financial services than mere investment management or investment advisory service?

Leaving your investments as they are and hoping it all just turns out alright is a risky strategy, no matter how they are allocated. Life will happen. Things will not go as planned. You will be forced to adjust your investment strategy. Many times.

Pillar Wealth Management doesn’t just have a process for how to respond to life events, tax changes, and other types of surprises that affect your wealth. Our founder wealth managers baked the anticipation for these events into the fabric of our investment management process.

We don’t wait to react to life. We count on it.

How does it feel to engage with a wealth management process that operates in this way? The best way to find out is to take a chance and make your first call. Click the button below to start a conversation with our wealth manager.

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Who is Pillar Wealth Management?

We are the co-founders of Pillar Wealth Management, Hutch Ashoo and Chris Snyder. We have a 62+ year track record, specifically in helping high-net worth individuals and families.

If you’re seeking the financial services of an expert and exclusive private wealth management advisor, then we may be a fit for you.

Our fully custom private wealth management advisory services are designed specifically for investors who:

  • Have $5 million to $500 million liquid investable assets and seek financial serenity…
  • Are looking to save on TAXES, fees and expenses
  • Are concerned about the all-time high levels of stocks and bonds, and who seek wealth protection yet wish to grow their portfolios too!
  • Are dissatisfied with the investment advisory services they’re receiving from their current advisor or wealth manager, such as under-performance, lack of attention, poor communication, being sold unnecessary products, and high fees…
  • Are in the midst of a significant financial life event and aren’t getting their needs met. For instance, retirement, divorce, a business deal or real estate planning, or the loss of a loved one…

Our services are designed to help our clients transition from where they are now to where they wish to be. Our clients will have direct access to Hutch and Chris, our elite wealth managers. As you engage with our investment management process, our wealth managers will advice and help you secure your investments, future lifestyle and achieve financial serenity.

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What Makes Pillar’s Private Wealth Management So Exclusive?

In a word, “obsession.” 

For over three decades, Pillar Wealth Management have been obsessed with serving our clients through the ups and downs of the market, the economy, estate planning and their financial lives.

Bottom line, Pillar Wealth Management helps our clients make the difficult decisions by giving them access to our top wealth managers. You won’t be alone when you are faced with decisions that will profoundly impact your future… your legacy… and ultimately, your family–for perhaps generations to come.

Between Hutch and Chris, we bring to bear 62+ years of combined expertise in expense and tax minimization. As well as risk mitigation and portfolio performance optimization–custom designed just for you.

In fact, Pillar Wealth Management feels so confident in our deep expertise that it’s our goal to save and find a new client $100,000+ per $10 Million of investable assets.

This in turn puts more back in your pocket. We do this by scrutinizing underlying investment expenses, financial advisory fees, tax liabilities and avoiding unnecessary risks while maximizing returns.

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What to Expect from Our Wealth Management Advisor Services

Affluent investors have very different financial needs from typical investors, and our wealth management services have been carefully developed to meet those needs in ways that thrill and delight our clients. What makes our financial services thrilling and delighting?

If you’re like most people, one of your greatest desires is simply to not have to worry.

Just like it’s better to have someone else take care of your yard, your car maintenance, and your housecleaning, you would probably prefer it if you could just hand all your investments and wealth to a wealth manager or financial advisor and then never have to think about it. You want to be able to rest easy, knowing that a trusted, expert professional is handling your financial planning according to your desires and best investment interests.

That’s what Pillar Wealth Management means by ‘financial serenity.’

Managing finances and investments takes time. For people with great wealth, it takes even more time. You want that time back. But to do that, you need to find a trusted expert wealth manager who will deliver the performance you need without putting your investments at high risk.

This is what Pillar Wealth Management delivers for all our clients.

Private, Fiduciary, Independent Wealth Manager

Because we are a private wealth management firm and an independent fiduciary, you will receive:

  • Unconflicted financial advice
  • Customized financial plans built to exceed your wealth and lifestyle goals and surpass your needs
  • Personalized understanding – we know and care about what’s at stake for you
  • Outstanding investment performance optimized around your investment goals and needs
  • Diverse investment options – not beholden to company quotas or dictates from on high
  • Simple fee structures – no commissions or sales targets distorting our motives, and no products to sell
  • Numerous additional services for the affluent

We have built connections with experts in related fields such as tax accounting, estate planning, and insurance planning, and we can help you put together the team of expert financial professionals that will achieve whatever you need from them. All of these extra services come at no extra cost – our portion of the work is included in our simple and straightforward fee.

Personalized Customer Services – Expect Nothing Less

As a person with high net worth, you have a right to expect prompt service and communication – and not from a wet-behind-the-ears underling.

When you reach out to Pillar Wealth Management, you talk to the experts. We don’t hire undergrads to do customer service. Our wealth managers answer their phones and reply to their emails – always within a day if for some reason you don’t reach us your first try.

We send you regular reports and give you online access to your portfolio. But you need much more than that if your wealth is going to achieve all the goals you’ve set for it. This is what we mean by ‘optimizing’ your performance.

Optimized Investment Performance Unlike Any Other

Wealth protection is as important – if not more so – than wealth creation. What good does wealth do for you if you lose it all ten years after acquiring it?

To optimize your investment performance means to balance risk with growth. But don’t misunderstand – this doesn’t mean we recommend ‘moderate’ asset allocations to everyone. Again – all our investment plans are customized, in every sense of the word, based on the needs of the individuals who depend on them.

We cannot emphasize enough how it feels to have truly customized financial planning for your investments and the other parts of your financial life.

Pillar doesn’t employ the traditional asset allocation buckets using terms like ‘aggressive growth’ and ‘moderate’ and ‘conservative’. We do nothing even remotely close to that.

Our process, which is proprietary, innovative, and driven by over 100 years of market performance data, presents you with an array of recommended investment and financial strategies. These strategies measure their success based on the achievement of your goals and desired lifestyle outcomes, not an arbitrary percentage of growth. And it is built over the long term, not looking at year to year performance only.

In other words, are you on track to live your life how you want? Is your family set up for success as you envision and desire? Are all your short and long term financial needs being met? If so, then your investments are performing successfully. The metric is not a percentage. The metric is the ability to live your life, using your wealth for the purposes you desire.

Want to hear more?

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Your Next Steps…

Pillar Wealth Management encourages ultra-high net worth investors to read our hard cover book, “The Art Of Protecting Ultra-High Net Worth Portfolios And Estates: Strategies For Families Worth $25 Million To $500 Million.”

Clients frequently share with us how the book helped provide them tremendous clarity, shattering industry-pitched ideologies, while offering insight and direction in making such important financial decisions.

Reading this book will make you far more knowledgeable, far more aware of the extraordinary benefits of expert wealth management advisory services.

Our exclusive and expert fiduciary advisory services include:

  • Safe retirement and income/lifestyle planning, optimization and maximization of High-Net Worth and Ultra-High Net Worth portfolio performance ($5+ Million, up to $500 Million)
  • Development of an investment portfolio which best fits your performance expectations and life-goals — while still allowing you to sleep at night
  • Individualized wealth management analysis and financial planning based on your life-goals and the lifestyle you most desire
  • M&A/business or Real Estate planning
  • Inheritance investing and planning
  • Death or divorce financial transitions
  • Minimize taxes, fees and other costs
  • No pressure to buy products you don’t need, trade requests you don’t understand, or other irresponsible and disrespectful actions
  • Direct access to our top wealth managers and financial advisors

Clients often comment how radically different our advisors’ approach is from the big name firms you are familiar with on Wall Street.

Frankly, we are astonished at how those huge institutions can get away with providing plain vanilla, cookie-cutter services to such deserving families and individuals!

You should expect more. You should demand better.

On a regular basis, we go up against them—and win. Clients will often tell us they were “not impressed by them.” And that they’re “nothing special.”  

We couldn’t agree more. And maybe that’s one reason you’re reading this site now.

As previously mentioned, one of our goals when accepting a new client is to save and find them $100,000+ per $10 Million of investable assets. So if you have between $5 million and $500 million of investable liquid assets, and you’d like to be considered for access to our exclusive investment and wealth management services, you can start the process by clicking here.

Please understand that Pillar Wealth Management are extremely busy. 

We promise we’ll to get back to you as soon as possible. However, if your situation is urgent and you require immediate attention, please state so on your submission form.

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Preparation is how you win the investing war!

You are smart enough to know you cannot know it all, no matter how sophisticated you are about business, investments, and financial issues. Besides, you have other things that demand your time and attention. You understand the importance of surrounding yourself with top minds and talent, financial advisors or wealth managers who can provide good financial services in areas where you need expertise.

Financial Life Lessons from the past

On Black Monday, October 19, 1987, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged 23 percent. To this day, this remains the largest one-day loss in U.S. stock market history. Our wealth managers were already managing client portfolios on that fateful Monday, and the crash left a significant impression on us, one that we still carry with us today. Too many investors lost millions of dollars. They vowed not to make the same mistakes again.

But in our practice, we still see some of the same mistakes being made by many advisors and wealth managers.

No one knows when the next financial disaster will happen. If you think back to previous catastrophes, you probably recall the so-called expert advisors saying that this had never happened before, that we were in uncharted waters, and that conditions were different then from what they had ever been before or ever would be again. We don’t buy that line of reasoning. Make no mistake: the surprises will come again, although they will look different.

Equally important is the preparation for and proper handling of key life events. Retirement, Death, Money in Motion, and Divorces all present significant financial and personal challenges.

  • Do I have enough money to retire comfortably?
  • Who will I trust to manage my money now that my spouse has passed away?
  • How will I properly invest my large cash inflow from inheritance, real estate planning or large stock/options sale?
  • How do I financially plan for my children’s and grandchildren’s educations?
  • How will divorce impact my standard of living?

Since no one can predict when the next life or market crisis will occur, your goal should be to protect yourself and your investments from such a risk. Pillar Wealth Management advice you strategies you can implement—with your financial advisors, your portfolios, your estate, your business and your family itself—that will help to mitigate the next disaster. Among many other matters, pillar wealth management will discuss risk management and asset allocation, which act as an airbag for such recurring yet always-a-surprise events.