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No one understands more than high-net-worth clients about the ups and downs that come with private wealth management firms. The same ups and downs can impact business careers and even change lives. It is no wonder today’s HIGH NET WORTH individuals prefer to have financial planning services that can cater to their needs. If you have over $10 million in liquid assets, then click here to read our guide on finding a financial advisor that can make this happen.



7 Secrets To High Net Worth Investment Management, Estate, Tax and Financial Planning


The insights you’ll discover from our published book will help you integrate a variety of wealth management tools with financial planning, providing guidance for your future security alongside complex financial strategies, so your human and financial capital will both flourish.

Clients frequently share with us how the knowledge gained from this book helped provide them tremendous clarity, shattering industry-pitched ideologies, while offering insight and direction in making such important financial decisions.

Pillar Wealth Management provides private wealth management that is customized to suit your goals and objectives. We help you strategically pursue your goals and live the life you desire. Click here to arrange a free consultation with us.

Technically, most of the financial planning revolves around detailed investment management and expert financial advice. Furthermore, legal assistance and tax guidance are also part of financial planning.

Despite your financial structure that may change over a period, the time couldn’t be more perfect to avail the services of a financial and private wealth management firm.

How Business Portfolio Management Has Become a Necessity

Amidst current state of the market, affluent individuals need private wealth management services that ensure their financial security for the foreseeable future. As the reality of recession sets in, HIGH NET WORTH individuals need financial guidance to avoid negative returns on investments and make the most out of tax loopholes.

The adverse changes in the markets will continue to impact the economies. The trick is to make strategic financial decisions that can increase your wealth even in tumultuous times. Capital protection and management is all about preparation. However, HIGH NET WORTH clients don’t necessarily have to dive into their endless financial data to make profitable decisions.

It’s Never Too Late to Prioritize Your Key Financial Goals

Why does one want to build more wealth? Well, to make sure you maintain and advance towards a more quality way of life. And most importantly, to meet your desired financial goals and leave a rich legacy that people can look back on with pride.

Often, HIGH NET WORTH investors and families get caught in the cobweb of financial details. However, it serves as an opportunity to prioritize your financial goals. You don’t have to make all financial objectives all at once. In fact, you can continue to prioritize what matters most to you.

It is an effective strategy to figure out what matters to you and what doesn’t. When you prioritize financial goals, it takes courage to let go of a few old financial goals that were not practical. Ultra-high net worth families often re-arrange their financial priorities to set goals on the right path.

If you need help finding a financial advisor who can help you modify your investment portfolio to pursue new financial goals, click here to read our guide.

How Portfolio Management Creates Opportunities

Portfolio Management refers to the procedure of devising an investment strategy. The underlying purpose is to allocate the asset that would meet the investors’ objectives, reduce attached risks, and gain better returns.

Portfolio analysts and managers come together to check risk tolerance of specific investments to find and create new opportunities. However, the assessment of the financial portfolio requires an unbiased and unprejudiced approach to review the financial structure objectively.

With custom investments and proper planning advice, investors can mitigate the risks of their investments. Furthermore, a diversified approach to amalgamate investments into a single portfolio also creates opportunities.

To learn more about the elements that drive portfolio performance, click here to read our exclusive guide.

Re-evaluate Your Investment Portfolio

When it comes to the re-evaluation of an investment portfolio, there is a multitude of factors that financial advisors take into account. Ordinarily, the re-evaluation includes return expectations, original goals, demographics, and your appetite to take risks.

In fact, a single factor could lead you to invest in a different class of assets. Similarly, you can create a rebalance of your overall investment portfolio and reduce the investment proportion in specific asset classes. Nonetheless, you will need the consultation expertise of a financial planning and private wealth management firm to make this decision.

Besides rebalancing and re-evaluating your portfolio, you also need to make other changes that can influence wealth management. Click here to learn about these critical shifts for high net worth and ultra-high net worth investors.

Financial Planning of Multiple Income Sources

Multiple income sources are more common among HIGH NET WORTH clients than ever. However, that level of financial power comes with more responsibilities. It is quite easy to get lost in the details of each income source.

With the assistance of a financial planning and private wealth management firm, you can avoid overlap issues and strategize professionally. Besides, multiple income sources have become a norm and facilitate avoidance of liquidation. It also exerts less pressure on your main source of income.

Take a Closer Look at Tax Laws

Tax deductions and credits come with the ocean of federal and state regulations. In fact, HIGH NET WORTH investors and families should have an extensive financial plan beforehand to avoid the IRS’s wrath.

Practically, the financial decisions related to tax planning can be short and long-term. However, the long-term tax decisions can have the most severe implications for your wealth. It is one of the reasons businesses hire CPAs to stay ahead of their tax planning. Tax experts and help you avoid tax liability and remain in compliance with federal and state tax laws.

If you need help finding a financial advisor who can help you navigate tax laws, click here to read our ultimate guide for ultra-high net worth individuals with $10 million or more in liquid assets.


private wealth management firms
private wealth management firms

Importance and Benefits of Financial Planning in Competitive Economy

The strategic financial decisions you make have the power to influence your entire wealth structure. However, the need for a financial planning service during a competitive market has never been more relevant.

You need to look for the big picture and create detailed financial planning that can serve you for years to come: Here are some essential benefits you can get:

Boost Cash Flow

Comprehensive and strategic financial planning allows you to manage your multiple income sources better. Once you have the complete information on expenses, you can manage to boost cash flow through effective management of funds.

Debt-Free Status

When it comes to debt, the tables can turn even for the HIGH NET WORTH individuals. However, financial planning with clear goals and steps can help you avoid a debt disaster. In fact, an effective financial planning service can maintain your debt-free status.

Be Prepared for the Unexpected

A financial liability does not knock on the door, not even for the affluent investors. However, a robust financial planning and private wealth management can help you avoid unexpected financial surprises that may cause financial disorder in the future.

At Pillar Wealth Management, we utilize a variety of strategies to make this happen. To learn about these methods, order a free hardcover copy of our book, The Art of Protecting Ultra-High Net Worth Portfolios and Estates – Strategies For Families Worth $25 Million To $500 Million.

Decrease Your Taxes

The realm of tax requirements is complicated and can be intimating without financial planning. You can, however, navigate the ocean of tax details with the help of a financial planning firm. A robust tax planning firm can guide you to achieve tax obligations.

Have Complete Financial Control

Ultimately, the most beneficial aspect of financial planning is to enjoy complete control over your wealth. How you diversify and spend your money matters the most. And when you know exactly where the funds should go, you gain more confidence to make better financial decisions.

Secure Your Future

When you start to understand the value of financial planning, the future becomes clearer. It is more than just about maintaining your current lifestyle; it is about developing a result-oriented financial plan that surpasses your private wealth management expectations.

Considerations: What You Should Look for in a Financial Planner?

It is true – financial planners can have a different qualification, training, and experience. You need to search for a financial planner that has a reliable track record and has passed business examinations or courses.

Ideally, a financial planning firm is run by, or hires a team of financial planners who possess expertise in tax and legal matters separately. Here are a few considerations that should be on your mind:

Establish Your Financial Objectives First

Your first course of action should be to select a financial planner who can understand your needs, vision, and current goals. For instance, if you are solely looking for a financial planner to get investment advice, you can select an independent private wealth management firm that is a fiduciary and registered with the securities and exchange commission.

Review Qualifications

Primarily, you will form trust with a financial planner through referrals. Qualification of the planner is one of the most fundamental considerations where you should not hold back. Therefore, take a closer look at the financial planner’s background.

In addition, make sure the licenses and credentials the financial planner possesses are legal.

Compare Terms and Conditions

It may seem like a formality, but you should be aware of the terms and conditions a financial planner offers. For example, you should get a signed agreement stating the terms and conditions of their services. It should also include details from the compensation structure to the type of financial relationship you can expect.

Get in Touch with More Than One Financial Planner

You should not make the final decision to hire a financial planner until you are 100% satisfied. Therefore, contact and interview multiple financial planning and private wealth management firms to get compatible services.

You can ask about the level of communication, collaborative efforts, and planning activities without hesitation. You can also inquire about the disciplinary action or unethical industry association of a financial planner that may change your decision.

Always Ask for the Experience

At the end of the day, the experience will count the most when you look for a reputable financial planner. Several reliable financial planning and private wealth management agencies, for instance, work with tax experts, accounts, lawyers, and insurance agents. In simple terms, a vast network of a financial planner can serve at your behest.

Financial Planning: Get Help from Experienced Professionals

What does it mean when you look for a ‘financial planner near me’? Well, people of intelligence and experience that can take care of even the most complicated financial tasks in the blink of an eye. It may be fine for ordinary working-class individuals to get financial advice from an average financial planner.

However, HIGH NET WORTH clients cannot afford to take that risk and should get a qualified financial and private wealth management firm. A financial specialist can offer more clarity and influence confidence throughout the decision-making process.

Concurrently, take the above considerations into account and select a criterion or standard that appeals to you. Besides, private wealth management firms can provide comprehensive advice on your financial structure and investments.
What’s interesting is that you can coordinate with financial experts to solve complex financial challenges.

Pillar Private wealth management: A Reliable Private wealth management Firms and Financial Planner

It takes time and thorough planning to achieve flawless financial planning. We want to help you realize what’s important for you, set realistic goals, and help you make the right decisions. Each financial and private wealth management plan, after all, is unique and can vary from investor to family.

Unlike other firms, Pillar Private wealth management understands the comprehensiveness of a financial portfolio. Our financial experts analyze contemporary financial needs and ensure the financial stability of the clients.

We can build a financial portfolio, investment plan, and assess the tax situation of our affluent clients. For more than 30 years, the co-founders of Pillar Private wealth management have been helping HIGH NET WORTH and Ultra-HIGH NET WORTH families and investors. We understand the intricate details that shape up the financial service sector.

Our financial resources and years of information allow us to prepare better than others. We know what it takes to take your financial status under control and generate optimal growth. At Pillar Private wealth management, we understand the implication of each financial decision and can simplify complex details.


It is no secret that the financial planning and private wealth management is a continuous and dynamic process that often requires instant changes as per the needs of the HIGH NET WORTH individuals. For instance, in our portfolio management we evaluate investment risk, returns, marketability, diversification, tax status, and capital growth.

You’d be surprised how easily even the wealthiest individuals often find themselves in complicated financial situations. As a result, people exert stress and make decisions in a panic. Besides, a single decision can impact the financial infrastructure.

Asset management requires rigorous decision-making skills that work in favor of HIGH NET WORTH clients. In essence, the portfolio must achieve affluent investors and families’ objectives and thwart all constraints in the path.

Gone are the days when HIGH NET WORTH clients had to depend on traditional sources of financial and private wealth management expertise. A reliable independent and fiduciary firm like Pillar private wealth management by your side can help you tackle the financial fallout and make pragmatic economic decisions.

Pillar Private wealth management offers custom, sophisticated and trusted financial advice. Our experts understand the complex paradigm of investing and planning and can provide you with the assistance you deserve.