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Investment Approach

Investment growth with an eye on protection is what we do best. We are proud of the fiduciary, fee-based services we deliver to our clients due to our exclusivity. We work with a limited number of clients that we trust, respect and who share our business and family values. We are not all things to all people; however we will always be focused on maximizing what you have without unnecessary risk.

Our Approach to Investing

  1. We view your wealth and investments as a means rather than an end. We strive to assist you in achieving your life-goals…whether you dream of a comfortable and dignified retirement, worldwide travel or philanthropy.
  2.  Our investment philosophy is based on providing you low turnover, tax efficient, liquid and diversified institutional-style investments, electronically traded funds, active money managers, impact investing strategies, as well as we advise on alternative investments.
  3.  Your portfolio will be fully customized for your needs, goals and objectives. We do not have cookie-cutter portfolios that we utilize for all our clients.
  4. Your portfolio will be allocated and rebalanced with an eye on costs, tax ramifications, and asset protection. Our portfolio strategies and planning processes have been tested against historical economic and world events.
  5. We strongly believe that market timing and stock selection are failed investment strategies. In fact, historically, this has been proven to be true.