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Investment growth is essential for any high net worth or ultra-high net worth investor. Successfully implementing strategies and using the right approaches to achieve this growth can require the assistance of professionals. So, if you’re new to the world of investing and want someone to show you the ropes, you might be searching for “investment services near me.” With high-value assets at stake, you can never be too careful in selecting an advisor. We have an Ultimate Guide specifically for wealthy families with $10+ million in liquid assets, telling you about how you can find the best financial advisor.

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7 Secrets To High Net Worth Investment Management, Estate, Tax and Financial Planning

The insights you’ll discover from our published book will help you integrate a variety of wealth management tools with financial planning, providing guidance for your future security alongside complex financial strategies, so your human and financial capital will both flourish.

Clients frequently share with us how the knowledge gained from this book helped provide them tremendous clarity, shattering industry-pitched ideologies, while offering insight and direction in making such important financial decisions.

The best investment philosophy is based on providing clients with a low turnover and liquid and diversified institutional-style investments that are tax-efficient. At Pillar Wealth Management, we help wealthy investors with $5 million to $500 million in liquid assets in managing their investments. Our personalized approach to investing means that we will optimize and rebalance your portfolio, keeping an eye on costs, tax ramifications, and asset protection. If you’d like a free consultation with one of our wealth managers, schedule a meeting.

Table of Contents
Investment Services and Their Types
How Can Investment Services Near Me Help?
Selecting the Best Investment Service Near Me
Final Words

Investment Services and Their Types

Investment services are a financial advisory service that provides you with advice on how and where to invest your money. They balance the risk and returns of your investments to create an investment profile that helps you reach your financial goals.

Many financial advisors provide investment services, but the type of investment services you need can vary according to your specific financial situation. Here are a few types of financial advisors who offer investment services.

Investment Advisors

Investment advisors are financial advisors who analyze your investment portfolio and financial status and advise you on how to invest your assets. They can work for large banks, financial institutions, investment management firms, or even as independent advisors.

From your first meeting, they will discuss your desired growth rate, how much profit you hope to gain, the level of risk you are willing to take, and exactly how much money you want to invest. This will lead them to provide you with suitable options for securities or investment vehicles that you can purchase or sell-off.

Investment advisors do not take part in the transactions of buying or selling your investments. They only advise you on the next logical step. They are usually unregistered and non-fiduciary advisors. If you’re looking for a fiduciary advisor to give you advice on your investments, contact one of our wealth managers.


In your search for a financial advisor, you may have come across robo-advisors. They are typically low-cost, automated financial advisors who can give you financial advice online. Robo-advisors use a fully computerized investment process by utilizing complex artificial intelligence algorithms to study the market and advise you on which securities to invest in.

This automated system may sound fool-proof, but there are many drawbacks. Robo-advisors cannot offer you a personalized financial plan, nor can they comprehend your unique needs and requirements. Affluent investors require more care, attention to detail, and customization in their investment plans. If you’re an affluent investor worth more than $10 million dollars in liquid assets, our Ultimate Guide can help you choose the right financial advisor for you.

Investment Brokers

While there are many similarities between investment advisors and investment brokers, there are a few key differences. Both investment advisors and investment brokers are typically non-fiduciary advisors. This means that they do not have a legal obligation to act in your best interests.

Unlike investment advisors who only give you investment advice, investment brokers take an active role in the investment transactions. They can buy or sell securities on your behalf and may or may not give you investment advice unless you ask for it. Investment advisors usually charge an annual fee, but brokers tend to have a commission-based fee. This means that their fee depends directly on how much profit you gain as a result of your investments.

A commission-based or product-based fee structure can be costly and can create conflicts of interest. This is because there is a chance your broker may advise you to invest in securities with a higher commission rate, even if it does not benefit you.

Portfolio Managers

Portfolio managers analyze your investment portfolio and use different strategies to optimize them for maximum capital growth and minimum chance of risk. Some of these strategies have been discussed in our Performance Guide.Portfolio managers study your earning goals, financial status, risk level, and timeframe to create or adjust your portfolio. They also regularly update you on the performance of your investments and rebalance them accordingly.

Independent portfolio managers prioritize their client’s goals and objectives. Institutional portfolio managers aim to promote the financial growth and risk minimization of the corporate or institutional investors they work for.

Wealth Managers

We believe that the best investment advisors for wealthy investors are wealth managers. This is because they are experienced in working exclusively for a high and ultra-high net worth caliber of clients. Therefore, they are skilled in managing multiple high-value assets and can organize your finances wisely.

Wealth managers take a holistic approach to your finances, providing one of the best investment services while also looking over your taxes, estate plan, retirement plan, and more. To work with a skilled wealth manager at Pillar Wealth Management, schedule a meeting with us!

Investment Services Near Me

How Can Investment Services Near Me Help?

You might be wondering, “What is the best investment services, and how can they help me?” Investing requires a certain level of skill and knowledge that not everyone possesses. Therefore, enlisting professional help can be wise.

If you are still unsure about what investment services near me can do for you, here are a few examples.

Guiding You on Portfolio Management and Asset Allocation

Developing an investment portfolio is not as simple as it sounds, especially for wealthy investors. There are many types of portfolios based on what you want to achieve from your investments. For example, aggressive portfolios have a higher risk and higher reward profile.

An investment service can help you determine which portfolio you need and how you should allocate your numerous assets in a way that you protect and enhance your wealth.

Helping You Establish Your Goals

Being unsure of your life goals will result in you stating an arbitrary figure you hope to earn from your investments. However, the right investment advisors will tell you that that is not the best way to approach your investment profile. They can help you identify short-term and long-term aspirations, priorities, and objectives.

Once you establish your goals with the help of an investment service, you can work toward achieving them. This will help you optimize your investment portfolio to meet your needs.

Providing You Financial Security

What does it mean to be financially secure? For some people, it may mean that they have an ample monthly income that covers their expenses. Others may consider it to be the amount of savings you have for your future. In any case, financial security means having enough money to live a stress-free life and maintain your desired standard of living.

The best investment services understand how to secure your wealth by balancing returns and risk through various investments. A well-performing portfolio will be balanced, managing an optimal asset allocation ratio. Our guide can tell you about five critical shifts you can make to your portfolio to increase your return rate.

Creating a Strong Financial Plan

A well-thought-out and durable financial plan is essential to achieve financial security and serenity. This fully-customized plan is specific to your financial status and needs. Investment services analyze your lifestyle requirements, values, and objectives to create a plan to help you sustain your way of living and help you make enough money to reach your goals.

A financial plan will act as a guideline for your investment profile, ensuring that the transactions you make are aligned with your plan.

Selecting the Best Investment Service Near Me

If you’re leaning towards hiring investment services near me, your next question might be, “How do I choose a investment services?” Investment firms, financial advisors, banks, wealth management firms are all great options.

The option you choose is dependent on your individual financial requirements and preferences. We think it is best for affluent investors to opt for fiduciary wealth managers to gain the best results. Our Ultimate Guide can take you through the factors you need to consider when hiring a financial advisor.

What to Look For

If you’re looking for investment services and might be unsure about how to determine whether they’re the right ones for you. Therefore,you should know what to look for in a investment services. There are a few factors to consider.

Not all investment firms or advisors may provide the exact service you are looking for. You need to determine whether you want an advisor to purely advise you on investments or take part in the investment transactions themselves. Alternatively, you might want an advisor who helps manage other financial aspects in addition to your investments. Knowing which service you want will help you choose the right financial institution or firm.

As an affluent investor, you want to make sure you receive the best service there is. After all, your hard-earned money deserved to be treated with care and attention. Smaller firms, like Pillar Wealth Management, are better at creating personalized plans for your investment profile. Larger firms tend to use cookie-cutter strategies and approaches for most of their clients.

The investment management firms or advisors you pick should have certifications and accreditations that dictate their skills and expertise. For example, a registered investment advisor (RIA) is a fiduciary advisor who has gone through rigorous training and testing to get licensed. It is best if they have experience in working with an affluent clientele, which will make them more equipped to manage your wealth and complex portfolio.

Be sure to take the time to understand their fee structure. Typically, an investment advisor charges 1% of your portfolio’s value as their fee. Different firms may have different structures, so be mindful of hidden costs such as commissions, internal fees, kickbacks, etc. Clarify the total fee you will be giving to your advisor in your first consultation.

Final Words

Securing your fortune should be your first priority. There are many liabilities that put you and your family at risk, which we discuss in our book, The Art of Protecting Ultra-High Net Worth Portfolios and Estates – Strategies For Families Worth $25 Million To $500 Million.Looking for “investment services near me” is the first step to organizing your financial life. Investing can be a complicated and time-consuming task that requires a great deal of knowledge and experience.

Pillar Wealth Management is one of the best wealth management firms, which caters exclusively to clients with a high or ultra-high net worth of $5 million to $500 million in investable liquid assets. Our fee-based and fiduciary expert wealth managers strive to work in your best interest to provide you with the right investment advice. They will fully customize your portfolio to meet your needs, goals, and objectives. Contact us for a conversation on how we can help with your investment growth.

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