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Wealth Management Virginia Beach

How To Find A Good Financial Planner

One of the main reasons people get our free guide is that they don’t know what they should looking for Wealth Management in Virginia Beach. Searching Wealth Management Virginia Beach isn’t always easy; you need to consider their experience, reputation, and strategies.

That’s why we’re going to explain why you should look for wealth management in Virginia Beach.

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Table of Contents
Wealth Management Virginia Beach: It’s always quality over quantity
What makes a bad financial advisor?
Are big firms always better?
Best wealth management in Virginia Beach: active or passive?
What makes a good financial advisor?

Wealth Management Virginia Beach: It’s always quality over quantity

One of Pillar Wealth Management’s policies is not to take on too many clients at once. That’s because we provide personalized investment plans; this ensures much better performance depending on every client’s situation and resources.

Wealth Management Virginia Beach

The main problem with financial planning in Virginia Beach is that our competitors rarely follow this approach. They mostly take in all the clients they can. In the end, they’re all assigned generic plans that don’t always adapt to their context.

●    What you should always expect from your financial advisor

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Financial Advisor – For Investors With $5 Million To $500 Million In Liquid Assets details a concept we call “the 5 non-negotiables.” They’re basically 5 rules all high net worth financial planners in Virginia Beach should follow.

Any good financial advisor requires a solid tracking record behind them. This record must show they can provide good portfolio protection in Virginia Beach without sacrificing its returns. That’s often a consequence of them being able to follow your life goals and perform according to them.

Another non-negotiable is that they keep expenses—including taxes—as low as they can. A good financial advisor will use investment performance as one of several measures for progress, and they have to be independent and fiduciary.

What makes a bad financial advisor?

Not all wealth management in Virginia Beach is good—at least not for everyone. Knowing the signs of a bad financial advisor can save you lots of trouble. A good guideline to spot bad planners is to stay away if you feel they’re simply after your money.

Bad financial advisors take their clients’ resources lightly. Ittranslates into careless investing and means lost money for you – this carelessness manifests through a few noticeable red flags.

●    Unclear explanations

When assessing financial planning in Virginia Beach, you always want to ask as many questions as you can. Knowing everything about your advisor tells you what you can expect and whether or not it’s worth your trust.

Many advisors fail to clarify all costs and fees related to financial investment. This is because they don’t want to scare off clients.

Needless to say, this is a red flag. Remember, these are people that will handle your wealth for you; a lot depends on them.

●    Unnecessary fees and risks

A common method used by wealth management companies is to charge “performance fees” and other unnecessary commissions. While they might make sense for some people, they’re just reducing your profits in the end.

Furthermore, you can find financial planning in Virginia Beach that doesn’t charge these fees. Pillar Wealth Management stays away from it, and we believe there’s no reason why you should settle for these expensive additions.

The same goes for overactive investment. Many advisors believe they must beat the market. They constantly change assets and relocate your money. That usually increases your taxes, and even worse: these managers typically charge more.

●    No flexibility

Many Wall Street companies reuse the same methods for all their clients. They fail to adapt to different economic situations and goals. That’s dangerous since all investment requires planning, and not all goals have the “pathway” to them.

That also makes portfolio protection in Virginia Beach harder to find. This mindset makes them less likely to bring financial security. In case of emergency, they often fail to adapt their strategy, and the result is usually the same: some “unprecedented event” makes you lose money.

●    Obsession with performance

Finally, most of those faults come from a single idea: performance is everything. We’ve seen many competitors obsessed with generating big numbers. That’s the entire point for them, but that’s a dangerous mindset, as you can see in Improving Portfolio Performance – The Shifts Multi-Millionaires Must Make To Achieve Financial Security And Serenity.

Now, performance definitely isn’t bad, but it’s not a goal. Performance is basically money, and money is only good if you do something with it. In that sense, performance—and profits—are good as long as they get you closer to your life goals.

Focusing solely on performance takes us back to the previous issue: too many risks. Portfolio protection in Virginia Beach isn’t about big numbers. It’s about ensuring financial serenity.

Are big firms always better?

Reputation is a good measure of a company’s quality, but it’s not everything. Even worse, many competitors have decreased their services’ quality as they grew. Once you’re big, it takes less effort to attract clients.

That’s not always the case, but it’s somewhat of a norm. Big firms and banks shouldn’t be your priority, and there are many reasons why.

●    Branding usually surpasses the experience

As we mentioned, many companies are better at growing fame than actually providing comprehensive solutions for their clients. They usually hit huge numbers for some clients, yet they fail for many others.

Unfortunately, lots of people think a big name is all they need. That idea just keeps feeding the vicious cycle.

●    They reuse strategies

This is the main problem for large wealth management in Virginia Beach. They usually develop specific methods to assign to everyone. Their clients keep getting the same copy-pasted strategies as everyone else.

The problem is that everyone has different goals and expectations. That changes the ideal approach and performance. People also have diverse financial situations. Not all strategies are good for everyone.

●    They answer to higher-ups instead to clients

Financial advisors on Wall Street tend to think more about making their supervisors happy than their clients. That means they’re after their higher-ups’ goals instead of yours, and they need to protect the company, not your wealth.

They also stick to the same methods the company always uses, thus rehashing plans, as we mentioned. The approaches might be outdated, but as long as they’re ordered by their supervisors, they must use it.

Best wealth management in Virginia Beach: active or passive?

Almost all wealth management in Virginia Beach splits into two categories: active and passive managers. There’s always a debate between which one is better.

Active managers are always moving their resources. They try to stay on top of the market, and they jump into new opportunities as soon as they arise. Passive managers focus on long-term gains. They pick a promising market and invest in them for years.

Active managers are more expensive. They need to perform almost perfectly if they want to yield better returns than passive managers. In the end, most passive managers make more money, yet that doesn’t make them the best option, either.

●    It’s actually strategic

Our 5 Critical Shifts For Maximizing Portfolio Growth Strategies – For Families Worth $5 Million To $500 Million recommends changing investment ideology. The best way to approach financial planning in Virginia Beach is to find a balance between both styles.

At Pillar Wealth Management, we maximize profits by balancing risk. In other words, we don’t take needless risks, but we also avoid sticking to a single market forever. If a critical event, recession, or crisis is coming, we’ll assess the risk. If necessary, we’ll modify your portfolio accordingly.

What makes a good financial advisor?

Finding a good financial planner in Virginia Beach is quite similar to finding a bad one. You need to ask the right questions and spot the good signs. The best financial advisors, as explained by our free guide for individuals over $10 million in net worth, prioritize their clients.

In short, the best financial advisors actively work to help you reach your goals. They form a strong relationship with their clients, and they feel more like teamwork than blind trust.

Just like there are signs of a bad advisor, there are also signs of a good advisor.

●    Experienced in your situation

You want to hire an advisor that has experience with people in similar situations to yours. That includes similar goals, net worth, major events, and more. Success isn’t numbers or a bunch of money.

Success is getting to where you want to be. You might want to travel, be closer to your family, leave money for your kids, or just live out your days in peace. Regardless of your life goal, success is reaching them.

It pays to be better informed, and the investment advisors will help you to do just that. After all, it is your hard-earned cash. You’re just taking an additional measure to ensure that you do not lose out on your investment. Knowing whether an investment is worth investing in or not is the first step.

Knowing what you want means your financial manager is more likely to adapt to you instead of the other way around.The right wealth management in Virginia Beach for you understands this. They’ll work for it and nothing more.

●    Goal-oriented and loyal

Speaking of goals, your financial planner in Virginia Beach needs to focus on what you want to achieve. Their priority is to help you get there, and they’ll feel like an ally instead of a service.

They’ll place your needs before any supervisor or market trend. What matters to them is to help you find financial serenity.

That also means they don’t get their emotions to get in the way. Good advisors don’t panic and sell everything at first sight of trouble. They’re calm and know what’s the best approach instead of “following their gut.”

●    Flexible

This sign ties back to our preference for risk balance. Good financial advisors adapt to the market; they don’t try to beat it—just work with it. They aren’t stubborn when things go south, and they know when to change their methods.

The same is true if your goals change. Not everyone has the same goals forever. If you’re hiring a financial advisor, you want them to work towards what you want now. You don’t want to be tied to plans you made years ago and no longer feel comfortable with.

●    Plan personalization

We go back to the main problem: the lack of “planning” for financial planning in Virginia Beach. Recycling the same strategies for all clients isn’t planning; it’s cutting corners, and that’s not what you need.

The best financial advisors work with you to create a custom investment plan. For instance, Pillar Wealth Management prioritizes, forming a strong connection with clients. This lets us understand them. The result is always the same: we can tailor the entire plan to what they’re looking for.


Making a mistake choosing your financial advisor can be very costly. It might even be better not to hire anyone instead of hiring the wrong portfolio protection in Virginia Beach. Remember: your net worth comes from years of hard work.

Not everyone deserves that trust, and you should always know your manager before giving thema penny. We are here to help if you need it and you can reach us by clicking here; offering free consultations.

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