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As a high-net-worth individual or family, or ultra-high-net-worth individual or family in Louisville, you may be in search of a wealth management firm that will be able to cater to your needs. Of course, you have spent the past decades building a legacy for yourself, or maybe you were born into the ultra-high-net-worth family line, and you must not only protect your family wealth but also ensure that it increases. Wealth management can be tackled personally but you may not get that all-important peace of mind.However, it can be done with the help of a professional and accredited wealth manager who understands the market but most importantly, understands yourinvestible assets and the risks that come with investing your assets in any part of the market: even the high-net-worth families and ultra-high-net-worth individuals plan. Pillar Wealth Management, for example, has a track record of managing wealth for individuals and families with $5 million to $500 million in investible liquid assets.



7 Secrets To High Net Worth Investment Management, Estate, Tax and Financial Planning


The insights you’ll discover from our published book will help you integrate a variety of wealth management tools with financial planning, providing guidance for your future security alongside complex financial strategies, so your human and financial capital will both flourish.

Clients frequently share with us how the knowledge gained from this book helped provide them tremendous clarity, shattering industry-pitched ideologies, while offering insight and direction in making such important financial decisions.

No one becomes wealthy by mistake, and no one loses wealth through fate. Your wealth value—personal and corporate, is within your capacity to protect. Most likely, you have a plan for your legacy and retirement, and your goal is most likely leviathan—after all, you are ultra-wealthy, and you deserve to retire wherever you like. You may want to sail the pacific on your luxurious yacht. A wealth management Louisville firm’s core responsibility is to manage a client’s investible portfolio, ensuring performance and security, while at the same time, giving the client the luxury of agood night’s sleep. To know more about how a wealth manager can help individuals or families with 10+Million investible net worth, go through this guide right here.

Accredited Wealth Management Services

With your dreams and retirement plans, you cannot simply leave the fate of your high and ultra-high investible portfolio to just anyone—not even the Wall Street wealth management investment giants. A wealth manager should push the performance of your portfolio, and at the same time, protect your portfolio from risks. While big offices might mean that a wealth management firm has a good number of high and ultra-high clients, investors with portfolio range of $5+Million to $500Million deserve more than sleek offices and suave marketing by new wealth managers of big companies, or incompetent wealth managers that will put your investments at risk. An investor deserves a top wealth manager that can deliver financial serenity. Pillar Wealth Management is a fee-only fiduciary wealth management firm that caters to individuals and families’ needs with investible liquid assets of $5Million to $100Million. For investors with a liquid investible portfolio of $5Million to $500Million who wants to knowthe full scope of the services a wealth manager offers, you can schedule a free, no-obligation, conversation with Hutch Ashoo and Chris Snyder today.

Financial Advisers and Strategic Wealth Manager

While a financial adviser will help with savings, lifestyle, and the frequent planning of a client’s economic activity, a top wealth manager will cater to the financial well-being of clients with an investible wealth of $5Million to $500 Million. Most times, the investible portfolio of these wealthy clients can only be maximized when a strategic wealth manager understands, in total, the client’s wealth and risk that come from selecting one portfolio or the other.

A strategic wealth manager should know that each client is different. Clients are unique, therefore, in planning the client’s capital gains taxes, estate, and analyzing the client’s risks, a wealth manager should be objective, thoroughly honest, and have a complete understanding of the market. Each portfolio a client holds has its risks. The risk could be a political risk, economic risk, compliance risk, reputation risk, etc. These risks must be assessed.

Sometimes, a wealth manager will put a client’s portfolio through a series of risk-tests to determine the portfolio’s stability. Wealth management firms do not operate a clairvoyant structure; they have a strategic wealth manager or managers who study the past, study market trends, consumer behavior, industries, and decide from the data. Feel free to start a conversation with Pillar Wealth Management to learn how it simulates all client portfolios for 1,000 scenarios.

Wealth Management Louisville

A strategic wealth manager does not make an educated guess. In fact,it would be best if you do not leave your wealth in the hands ofa person who makes financial guessing—one day, when such a person is wrong, his guesses will ruin your estate. A wealth managershould make decisions from data. A wealth manager Louisville should foresee financial happenings, good or bad, like investors that knew that a ‘Baby Boom’ was coming.

Identifying the Roles of a Strategic Wealth Manager

What will your wealth manager do when there is a political shift or a pandemic or one terrible event that threatens the worth of your estate? Can your wealth manager understand that a financial crisis will soon hit the industry within which your estate is invested? Wealth managers should understand market trends and foresee changes before they happen. This article is brought to you by Pillar Wealth Management, and you can download our free hardcover book, ‘The Art of Protecting Ultra-High Net Worth Portfolios and Estates – Strategies for Families Worth $25Million to $500Million’ for an expansive knowledge of how to choose a wealth manager and protect your investible asset of $5Million to $500Million.

Fiduciary Strategic Wealth Manager

A fiduciary wealth manager is objective and is bound by law and ethics to make financial decisions in your interest. Ultimately, a wealth manager handles the portfolios of different clients. If there is a financial crisis; if the wealth manager makes a mistake, the decline in wealth can cause massive financial in-balance for the client. When selecting a wealth manager in Louisville, you must be assured of receiving a custom-tailored service for your needs. While a net worth of $5Million to $500Million is a lot of affluence, a wealth manager that loses sixty, fifty, even thirty percent of the amount has, in many ways, led you to financial doom that may take more than a decade to recover.Schedule a free consultation with Pillar Wealth Management to hear about real-life examples of how its past clients have lost significant portions of their portfolio and have then recovered via the firm’s advice and planning.

Fiduciary Wealth Manager and Optimum Portfolio Performance

A fiduciary should target portfolio performance and invest in stocks and securities that ensuresmaximumperformance. Portfolio performance is relative. A wealth management firm in Louisville may determine that to maximize performance; your investment portfolio should remain within an index even if its market value is increasing. An exponential increase in the stock share market value will give a massive return on investment for investors that owned the shares before the exponential value growth. While some investors may opt to sell, other investors will rather sit within the index and leave their claims, watching it grow and grow.Get in touch with Hutch Ashoo or Chris Snyder to find out how Pillar Wealth Management measures portfolio performance.

Strategies to be employed by a wealth manager should always be in favor of the client. A fee-only wealth manager is safer to work with—if the fee-only manager understands the market. A fee-based wealth manager earns a commission on a client’s portfolio. He/she might be inclined to push the client to make financial moves that will be profitable in the short-run but less beneficial in the long-run. Understanding portfolio performance and how to measure performance is essential to a client. You can read our free guide, ‘The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Financial Advisor: For Investors with $5Million to $500Million in Liquid Asset.”

The Cost of Hiring the Best Wealth Management Firm – Wealth Management Louisville

Wealth management services are hinged on the demands of the high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals.However, when you talk to wealth managers, you need to know the fixed price for their services. Wealth management firms take two different approaches when making investment decisions. The methods include active portfolio management and passive portfolio management.

The active portfolio management strategy entails the purchase or sale of stocks to outperform a specific index. A wealth management firm invests in a company’s index and hires wealth managers to study market trends, politics, public perception of a company, crisis, war, and other relevant data to decide whether to sell or buy a particular stock. The process cannot be done by a single wealth manager and carries more significant risks. However, the active portfolio wealth management process promises a large return on investment (ROI). If your wealth management firm, Louisville, operates on an active portfolio management strategy, their fees are usually higher than those that work on the passive portfolio management process.

The passive portfolio management replicates the return on investment of a particular index by closely watching the index’s activity. A passive strategy is less expensive, and investors make their percentage from the total return of the full index’s investment. For further understanding on the cost of hiring a wealth manager and other intricacies of wealth management, investment, portfolio performance for families and individuals with a net worth of $5Million to $500Million, you can read our free guide on portfolio performance, ‘Improving Portfolio Performance: The Shifts Multi-Millionaires Must Make to Achieve Financial Security.’

Strategic Wealth Management and Understanding a Client’s Portfolio and Unique Position

Both strategies can be applied in different situations and to other clients. A mix of both the passive and active process can give your portfolio the needed performance and may be less expensive than the passive strategy. While wealth management firms should help find investment portfolios for your high and ultra-high net worthcapital, they should also ensure that you save every penny there is to keep.

Wealth is hard-earnedand it sucks to lose it. It is also our responsibility to pay taxes to the government.However, many strategies can be employed to help you legally cut some of your taxes. For example, there are specific meeting points between your personal finance and your corporate finance covered by a single tax option. Are you overpaying for tax? Are you moving your money around too frequently and paying taxes on the same amount at different points? Are you being taxed twice for the same items? Are you paying for taxes on assets that you can avoid being taxed? Where should your funds come from, and what tax safe-haven can it legally stay? A wealth management firm should recognize the finance points where you are bleeding money.

It’s common knowledge among investors that there is no risk-free investment. Any investor that tries to sell you one is either inexperienced or wants a piece of your ultra-high net worth portfolio. A wealth manager should prepare you for volatility. A wealth manager can also explain further how he/she intends to deal with the risks associated with your portfolio.

Financial Security and Serenity

Financial serenity can only be achieved when you have a wealth manager who understands the market’s intricacies, your own plans, and can safely and assuredly maximize performance with your portfolio.

Investment risks can be systematic – risks that affect the whole market; Wars, a global recession, and inflation are examples of systematic risks that broadly affect industries and companies. We also have unsystematic risks—these risks are company or industry-specific and can be diversified. An investor still faces other categories of risks like political risk—risk from a country’s policy change, foreign exchange risk—risk from exchange rate between countries (this mostly applies to investors who diversify portfolio into a foreign market), credit risk, reinvestment risk, country risk, market risk, and more. A wealth management firm is saddled with the responsibility of defining the risks your portfolio is most exposed to and how the level of risk can be removed or mitigated. You can check out our free guide, 5 Critical Shifts For Maximizing Portfolio Growth Strategies: For Families Worth $5Million To $500Million.

Big Firm or Small Firm?

As a highnetworth or ultra-highnetworth client, you deserve the best any wealth management firm can give. Often, people define the best as the biggest—and it is not always so. The dot-com bubble resulted from excessive speculation of any company that had the dot-com suffix. Investors, the big boys, were more than willing to invest in any company, regardless of the company’s low standing on many traditional metrics. Dot-com companies were going public through IPOs—Initial Public Offerings, without realizing a single profit or even revenue. The big boys jumped on the bandwagon. Interest rates were low, the capital was high, the media-fueled more speculation, resulting in a giant blub of financial ruin. When the bubble burst, the NASDAQ Composite stock market index rose to 400% only to crash to 78%.

The big boys have been one of the reasons many investors have lost all they had—including investors with high net worth portfolios and ultra-high net worthportfolios. This is why you should go with the wealth management firm that offers you custom made services, not the one that places your portfolio in a set with other portfolios.

Financial Serenity

Financial serenity can be achieved—if you work with the right wealth manager. With financial serenity, even if the risk is broad-based, there is an assurance that your wealth manager has padded your portfolio to withstand a financial crash. With financial serenity, you can sleep well at night, knowing that your portfolio is well secured. Individuals and families with an investible net worth of $5Million and $500Millioncan always schedule a free conversation with Hutch Ashoo and Chris Snyder here.

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