Wealth Management Brandon and Why It’s Not All About Performance

If you have $5 million to $500 million in liquid assets and lack the time or expertise to manage it effectively, you might be looking for help. Now, if you choose to go to private banks, brokerage houses, or other large financial institutions, all you might hear are basic plans and projections to help you achieve certain quantitative performance numbers. But here’s the thing. That kind of performance doesn’t really mean much because it’s not tied to anything that really matters. That’s why investors worth $10 million or more need wealth management Brandon, and it all starts by finding the right financial advisor. Click here to read our exclusive guide on it.

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In this blog, we’ll be discussing why performance, as measured by other big firms and institutions, isn’t really all that it is hyped up to be and what you need to be focusing on instead.

You can also read about it in more detail from our complete guide on portfolio performance for high net worth individuals.

Table of Contents
Performance as Presented by Other Big Firms and Why You Don’t Need It
Why You Need Wealth Management Brandon Instead
How Much I Must Pay for Wealth Management Brandon
Final Thoughts

Performance as Presented by Other Big Firms and Why You Don’t Need It

When you have that much wealth, it might make sense to go to big financial institutions who probably have much more expertise at handling your assets, but that’s not always the case. The kind of performance they will promise you is not the kind of performance you need.

They will ask you a few basic questions, such as your risk tolerance, how much you want to collect, and perhaps a few other questions all about your assets. They will enter these numbers in their software, which will churn out a standard portfolio package. After that, they will even fulfill the performance numbers they promised and give you those high returns.

The problem is that this kind of performance doesn’t really fulfill your actual needs. It doesn’t take into account your retirement goals, estate plans, philanthropic plans, short and long-term financial goals, aspirations and other targets in life. If all that performance doesn’t help you accomplish all that you want to in life, what good is it really? Get in touch with our managers to start talking about what really matters to you.

Moreover, this kind of performance is not very sustainable either. Sure, you’ll get a 30% growth on your portfolio in one year, but what about the next five years? And is that growth really feasible when it comes with excessive taxes and transaction costs? This is why you must rethink your priorities and shift your focus from just performance to Brandon best wealth management. Read about the other crucial shifts you must make from our handy guide on portfolio growth and strategies for financial serenity.

Why You Need Wealth Management Brandon Instead

This doesn’t mean that performance is entirely useless. Rather, you need to focus on the right kind of performance. For instance, you need to focus on performance that is based on and tied to what really matters in your life. If your ultimate retirement goal in life is to travel around the world, that’s what your performance should be based on.

Every portfolio and asset of yours should be efficiently used to help you get closer to that specific goal instead of simply amassing more wealth without any meaning. The best way to achieve this kind of performance is through wealth management Brandon. Wealth managers, especially at Pillar Wealth Management, work closely with all their high net worth clients to really understand their needs and aspirations in life. Schedule a meeting with us to discuss your goals and targets in life.

These wealth managers turn their vague life goals into more actionable targets. Then, they formulate personalized financial solutions around those goals and targets, and that’s the performance they measure. This is the sign of the best wealth managers and advisors, and you can find out more about it from our guide on picking the right financial advisor.

Wealth Management Brandon

How Much I Must Pay for Wealth Management Brandon

Another problem with the performance offered by big financial institutions is that it doesn’t take into account how much that performance will cost you. They bring you high returns as well as high tax liabilities and other costs that simply make all that performance inefficient.

Brandon wealth management service includes more holistic planning and implementation that considers your portfolio performance and also how it will affect other areas of your wealth. It employs tax optimization and risk management strategies so that you end up paying a lot less for that performance.

Read about the other strategies you can use to protect your assets and build your wealth from our book, The Art of Protecting Ultra-High Net Worth Portfolios and Estates – Strategies for Families Worth $25 million to $500 million.

Final Thoughts

The only question that should be in your mind right now is where to find wealth management Brandon that can get you the performance you need. There will be a lot of firms that will be performing excellent performance. However, you need to choose carefully and ask the right questions first.

Ask them to explain their entire process and plan for achieving that performance. Ask them how they will minimize costs. Asking these questions will help you filter out the best from the not-so-best. Read about what else investors worth $10 million or more need to consider from our insightful guide on choosing financial advisors.

Pillar Wealth Management provides specialized financial and advisory services to affluent clients. As fiduciaries, we always put our clients’ interests first and are constantly striving to help them achieve all their goals. Click here to schedule a no-obligation meeting with our managers today.

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