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Is your tax burden skyrocketing? Are you struggling to create the perfect portfolio to reach your financial objectives? Do you find it difficult to find time to properly handle your wealth and assets? If you answered yes to these questions, you should work with a wealth management firm like Barclays Wealth Management to safeguard your assets appropriately, grow your wealth, and accomplish your financial objectives. In fact, if you have investable assets worth $5+ million and require expert financial guidance, you might want to request a free copy of our book, 7 Secrets to High Net Worth Investment Management, Estate, Tax, and Financial Planning. Hiring a well-reputed and credible wealth management firm is vital for affluent individuals who have liquid investable wealth worth $5 million and above.

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7 Secrets To High Net Worth Investment Management, Estate, Tax and Financial Planning

The insights you’ll discover from our published book will help you integrate a variety of wealth management tools with financial planning, providing guidance for your future security alongside complex financial strategies, so your human and financial capital will both flourish.

Clients frequently share with us how the knowledge gained from this book helped provide them tremendous clarity, shattering industry-pitched ideologies, while offering insight and direction in making such important financial decisions.

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The biggest Financial Planners' Mistake That Will Hurt Your Financial Security!
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How To Find Your GO-TO High Net Worth Financial Planner
How Pillar's High Net Worth Financial Planning Process Is Different
How Pillar's High Net Worth Financial Planning Process Is Different
Multi-Family Office For Ultra-High Net Worth Families
Multi-Family Office For Ultra-High Net Worth Families
Founder & Managing Member Pillar Wealth Management
Founder & Managing Member Pillar Wealth Management
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You can also register for a free meeting with the experienced and competent wealth advisors at Pillar Wealth Management. We are an independent wealth management firm providing wealth management and other financial services to clients who have liquid wealth anywhere between $5 million to $500 million. Our ultimate goal is to establish healthy and fruitful relationships with our clientele and devise tailored financial plans that best match their requirements and needs. We provide an extensive range of investment management, wealth management, financial advisory, and financial planning services to a fixed number of families and individuals each year.

Table of Contents
An Overview of Wealth Management
What do Wealth Managers Do?
Benefits of Using Wealth Management
Barclays Wealth Management
How Do You Qualify for Barclays Wealth?
What Is a Barclays Wealth Account?
What is Pillar Wealth Management?
Why You Should Use Pillar Wealth Management?
How Much Money Do You Need to Join PillarWM?
Wrapping Up!

An Overview of Wealth Management

The term “wealth management” is used quite often in the meeting rooms of private client firms, in mainstream and trade articles, and by financial professionals in front of their clients. Yet, many experts are hard-pressed to define wealth management with any level of accuracy.

Wealth management is the most advanced form of investment advisory services. Generally, a wealth manager develops specially personalized investment plans and strategies for their clients to help them manage their wealth. From the perspective of a financial advisor, wealth management is the ability of an advisory team or advisor to offer a complete range of financial products and services to wealthy clients.

In theory, a wealth advisor can offer every financial product that exists. However, in real life, most wealth advisors specialize in products and services they feel most comfortable with.

An additional defining feature of wealth management is that it’s offered in a consultative manner. By being consultative, wealth advisors are genuinely client-focused. A competent wealth manager meets their clients without making any prior assumptions about what financial products or services are best suited for that particular individual.

While it’s common for an affluent individual to work with a wealth advisor to address a specific need (let’s say, investment management), the consultative wealth advisor’s overarching goal is to get to know the person, discover what’s important and why. Then, the wealth manager can gather the relevant professionals and offer the relevant financial products.

Wealth management is typically focused on the highly wealthy and wealth managers will have expertise in the financial questions that impact ultra-high net worth individuals, such as how to reduce estate tax. Moreover, they coordinate services among different professionals, such as collaborating with an accountant or a lawyer on their client’s behalf.

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What do Wealth Managers Do?

Wealth managers can offer financial suggestions that address the entire financial circumstances of a person, including accounting, investment management, tax planning, estate planning, retirement income planning, and much more. These experts work closely with you to create a strategy to grow and safeguard your wealth. Here’s a list of the essential avenues where a wealth manager can help you:

• Investment management

• Risk management

• Estate planning

Tax planning

• Retirement planning

Head over to our website to book a chat session with our experienced wealth managers at Pillar Wealth Management and see how our team can improve your financial circumstances.

Barclays wealth management

Benefits of Using Wealth Management

By now, you might have a clear idea of what wealth management encompasses. Nevertheless, if you’re still wondering how wealth management can benefit you, you should check out the following benefits of utilizing wealth management from a competent wealth management firm.

1. Offer Assistance in Financial Planning

Help in financial planning is the foremost benefit of wealth management. It helps to guide all your financial activities and efforts and allows you to ensure that you remain on route to reaching your goals.

To assist you with financial planning, your wealth advisor will take the time to fully comprehend your financial objectives, life objectives, personal situation, etc. After obtaining the necessary information, they will use their knowledge and skills to create a plan that’s in alignment with all these factors.

In fact, once they have curated the financial strategy, your advisor will track your portfolio performance and modify the strategy if your goals change or if there are any movements in financial market conditions or in your financial situation.

2. Allow You to Live a Comfortable Retirement

Retirement planning is an exhausting and time-consuming task. It’s definitely not something you can do when you only have a few years left until retirement. Rather, it requires multiple years of meticulous planning. Wealth management companies offer careful financial advice to ensure that you maintain your financial status even after you retire. The best wealth management firm will ensure you have an asset allocation and investment strategy that aligns properly with your overarching financial objectives.

At Pillar Wealth Management, our managers can develop a viable and pragmatic strategy to help you live a comfortable and hassle-free retirement. We have also written a guide about the five critical shifts you should undertake to improve investment performance that will  allow you to live a worry-free retirement.

3. Lower the Taxes You Have to Pay to Uncle Sam

Taxes are actually one of the greatest expenses you have to bear as a high net worth or an ultra-high net worth individual or family. This is because every financial activity or transaction that you take up, whether it’s transferring an estate or moving investments, leads to some tax obligation. Consequently, paying these taxes can entail an exorbitant amount of money every year.

While taxes aren’t something that can be totally avoided, they can definitely be managed. This is yet another area where you can benefit from wealth management – it helps you lower your tax bill effectively.

Our wealth advisors factor in the tax liability of every financial transaction and then take the necessary steps to lower it. For example, we might suggest you move to a state with a low tax rate or modify your investment strategy. Don’t hesitate to read this guide here and learn how the wealth managers at our firm can help you cut back on taxes.

Barclays Wealth Management

Barclays Wealth provides a proactive and personal approach to managing your wealth. The firm takes time to learn about you and comprehend your goals and formulate specialized solutions for every stage in your life.

From mortgages to wealth planning, lending to investment management, Barclays offers an extensive range of products and services that are designed to help you attain your goals.

Its professional wealth management services entail –

• Insurance and wealth protection

• Bonds and trusts

• Retirement planning, including pensions

• Tax-efficient structuring.

How Do You Qualify for Barclays Wealth?

Barclays Wealth offers planning and investment-led services to wealthy individuals. However, to qualify for Barclays Wealth, you should be able to deposit a minimum of £25,000 (or currency equivalent) within 90 days of opening your account. However, this can vary in particular countries of residence.

What Is a Barclays Wealth Account?

Barclays Wealth Current Account is a simple account for everyday payments and purchases in the UK and in other countries. Here is what Barclays Wealth Account offers.

1. Simple Money Management

Set up standing orders (only for sterling accounts), Direct Debits, and transfer funds to the United Kingdom and abroad.

2. Facility of Auto-Sweep

In case you have more money than what you need in your current account, Barclays can automatically transfer the additional funds into a saving account that pays interest.

3. Round the Clock Banking Facility

With the Barclays app and online services, you can get access to your money, get immediate visibility of your total with the firm and make payments when and where it works for you.

4. Wealth Debit Card

The Wealth Debit Card provides higher limits of cash withdrawals of nearly £2,000 each day.

5. Overdrafts

Barclays has arranged overdrafts in several currencies, which you can apply to your selected account (note that this is subject to borrowing history, financial situation, and application). 

What is Pillar Wealth Management?

Pillar Wealth Management, LLC is a globally known wealth management company. Our firm is registered with the SEC and exclusively serves high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals. We provide fee-based objective and unbiased advice regarding estate planning, investment management, tax minimization, financial planning, and more.

Our services differ from those of large Wall Street firms and other major institutions that are more concerned about their assets under management and shareholders than planning their clients’ retirement and legacy investments. Our clients want more and deserve the completely tailored planning and investment advice that our managers offer. You can schedule a meeting with one of our team members to start your wealth planning journey.

Why You Should Use Pillar Wealth Management?

Here is a list of reasons why you should work with Pillar Wealth Management.

1. Expert Guidance

Wealth management companies offer a lot more than experience and expertise. For example, you can get investment and portfolio management services from private banks as well. However, they don’t always have the expertise in that specific field. Moreover, they may not be experienced in working with a wealthy clientele.

At Pillar Wealth Management, we are proud to have a joint experience in providing wealth management services that span more than sixty years. We are highly well-versed in managing the unique challenges faced by affluent individuals and families. Thus, we can definitely help you make smart investment choices and ensure you attain your financial targets, both long- and short-term.

2. Improved Risk Management

Risk management is a vital part of managing your wealth and minimizing your losses. The greater your liquid investable assets, the more time and resources you have to invest in mitigating your portfolio risk. At Pillar Wealth Management, we use various strategies to minimize risk. For example, we use vast historical data, develop an Efficient Frontier to enhance investment returns, conduct portfolio stress tests, and manage risk.

These techniques ensure that you stay within your risk threshold limit and get the highest possible returns. To learn more about risk management and its importance, don’t forget to sign up for a free copy of our new book, The Art of Protecting Ultra-High Net Worth Portfolios and Estates – Strategies For Families Worth $25 Million To $500 Million.

3. Fiduciary Services

Another reason  you should work with us is because of the fiduciary services we provide. This is a huge factor for high-net-worth individuals because entrusting others with the power to make decisions regarding your wealth requires a lot of trust. You can only get this trust by working with fiduciary financial advisors and wealth managers.

Being a fiduciary firm, we are required by law to always prioritize your interests rather than our own. When we make any financial suggestion, we will inform you about all its advantages and disadvantages so that you can take informed and better financial choices.  

How Much Money Do You Need to Join PillarWM?

At Pillar Wealth Management, we exclusively serve clients who own liquid investable wealth from $5 million to $500 million. We have developed our services to help ultra-high net worth and high net worth individuals accomplish their investment, wealth planning, and retirement goals.

Wrapping Up!

We have been providing wealth management services to wealthy families and individuals for more than three decades. Given our vast experience and expertise, we believe we are the top wealth management firm that you can opt for. To speak to our wealth managers, click here to schedule a free-of-cost consultation with us.


To be 100% transparent, we published this page to help filter through the mass influx of prospects, who come to us through our website and referrals, to gain only a handful of the right types of new clients who wish to engage us.

We enjoy working with high net worth and ultra-high net worth investors and families who want what we call financial serenity – the feeling that comes when you know your finances and the lifestyle you desire have been secured for life, and that you don’t have to do any of the work to manage and maintain it because you hired a trusted advisor to take care of everything.

You see, our goal is to only accept 17 new clients this year. Clients who have from $5 million to $500 million in liquid investable assets to entrust us with on a 100% fee basis. No commissions and no products for sale.

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