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Retirement can be an exciting time for wealthy investors. This phase of life offers you a chance to enjoy life at a more comfortable pace. If you are planning for your dream retirement, you may be wondering, “where can I find retirement planners near me?” Investors with between $5 million and $500 million in liquid investment assets can benefit from using premier retirement planning services from Pillar Wealth Management. Our wealth managers are skilled at creating retirement plans for all types of wealthy investors. You can learn about some of our investment strategies in our guide for investors with $10 million or more.

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What is a Retirement Planner?

Planning your retirement can be challenging without the help of a qualified professional. This is where a retirement planner comes in. A retirement planner is a unique type of financial professional who specializes in retirement planning services. They possess similar skills to ordinary financial planners but branch out towards retirement planning later in their training. You can learn more about retirement planning services by setting up a free appointment with us.

Retirement Planners Near Me What Does a Retirement Planner Do?

So what does a retirement planner do? Some of the services a retirement planner typically offers include:

• Income and Cash Flow Analysis

• Savings Program Implementation

• Asset Management

Let’s examine each of these services in more detail.

Income and Cash Flow Analysis

Wealthy investors often earn income from a variety of sources. It’s not uncommon for them to draw profits from their various investments and add them to their savings. Similarly, they may also have considerable expenses in their day-to-day lives.

If you wish to start saving for a comfortable retirement, it is essential to understand your income and expenditures. A retirement planner can study your finances in-depth and tell you where you stand. They can then put this information towards implementing a savings program to protect your wealth. We discuss some essential aspects of wealth protection in our book for wealthy investors The Art of Protecting Ultra-High Net Worth Portfolios and Estates – Strategies For Families Worth $25 Million To $500 Million.

Savings Program Implementation

Retirement planners typically recommend savings programs after learning about your finances and retirement expectations. These savings programs can be tricky to implement if you aren’t prepared to follow proper budgeting practices or have an unsteady income. However, planners often try to create plans that include manageable savings programs that are sustainable in the long run.

Asset Management

Asset management is an integral part of retirement planning. Managing your assets is a task that can become more challenging as you expand your portfolio. Each new asset you acquire will need to be monitored for risks, and this can be time-consuming. A retirement planner can help you manage these assets with ease and offer assistance when expanding your portfolio. You can learn about the useful portfolio expansion strategies in our special guide.

A retirement planner may also help you choose assets that offer passive income in retirement. These could be stable assets that offer a steady income you can draw from to fund your post-retirement lifestyle. When done correctly, it is possible to improve your portfolio performance before you hit retirement. We discuss some ways to improve your portfolio performance in our special guide.

Do I Need a Retirement Planner?

You can always try creating your own retirement plan. However, wealthy investors choose the services of a retirement planner for several reasons. This includes:

Using Advanced Planning Strategies

You can read plenty of books about financial planning. However, at the end of the day, a retirement planner will always know more about planning for retirement than you do. These professionals excel at creating retirement plans that help you achieve your retirement goals in a stress-free manner.

Some of these plans may include advanced strategies for saving wealth or allocating assets. Such strategies may be difficult for you to implement on your own, so hiring a retirement planner may be a wise move.

Getting Your Retirement Plan Set Up Quickly

Retirement planning is a vital task that should be started as soon as possible. Setting up a plan well in advance gives you more time to work towards your retirement goals and makes it easier to achieve your dream retirement. However, you may not have time to chart out a good retirement plan by yourself in the present.

A retirement planner can assist you in setting up a comprehensive plan with minimal time and effort on your part. Please set up a complimentary free appointment with our wealth managers to learn more about our retirement planning services.

Getting Around Unexpected Hurdles

Wealthy investors who are approaching retirement age should already be well-aware that life is full of unexpected hurdles. You can set up your own retirement plan and attempt to follow it to the T. However, an unexpected life event or a market crash could throw your current plan into disarray.

When such events do occur, it is best to have a retirement planner at your side. An experienced retirement planner will quickly make adjustments to your current plan to mitigate such events’ effect on your retirement. You learn if your retirement planner is a suitable fit by asking them some of the questions included in our guide to choosing a financial advisor.

How Much Do Retirement Planners Charge?

If you want to hire a qualified professional to handle your retirement planning needs, you may be wondering, “How much do retirement planners charge?”.

Retirement planners charges can vary greatly depending on the level of services you require. If you need a consultation, they may charge you between $200 and $400 per hour. A full retirement plan may cost you between $1500 and $4000. However, some retirement planners charge a fixed fee based on a percentage of your asset value.

Such fees are minor in the grand scheme of things. After all, a good retirement plan can help you achieve the comfortable retirement you have always dreamed of. You can learn about some investment strategies to boost your retirement savings in our special guide for investors with $10 million or more.

How Do I Find Retirement Planners Near Me?

Once you have chosen to use retirement planning services, you may be wondering how to find a suitable retirement planner near you. These professionals are found all over the country and offer services to a wide variety of clients. Finding the best suited person for the job can be tricky, but you can make this process easier using the following steps.

Online Searches and Directories

The first stop during your search for a suitable retirement planner should be the internet. You can find plenty of retirement planners in your city by doing a quick search on Google or other search engines.

Alternatively, you can look up online directories for financial planners who specialize in retirement planning services. Some of these professionals may use the title “retirement planner,” while others may refer to themselves as “financial planners.”

The internet can help you find a sizable number of retirement planners in a very short amount of time. However, the tricky part is narrowing down your choices and finding the best candidate for the job.

Look Up Reviews

After drawing up a list of potential retirement planners, you should look up reviews and ratings for each one. Some of these professionals feature reviews and testimonials from their past clients on their websites. However, it is better to read reviews on independent review sites.

If you can’t find any reviews for the retirement planner online, you should consider reaching out to some of their past clients and asking them how they found the planner’s services. You can also ask them if they found their plan to be a good fit and whether they are on-track meeting their retirement goals.

Speak with the Retirement Planner

During your search, you will find plenty of retirement planners that tout themselves as “the best in the business.” One way to learn if the planner is as good as they claim to be is by speaking with them.

Set up an in-person meeting or a quick video call and ask the planner how they stand apart from other retirement planners. You can then inform them about your retirement goals and ask them how they can help you achieve them. Please speak with our wealth managers by setting up a free appointment here.

Why Choose Pillar Wealth Management?

Wealthy investors from across the country choose us for our premier retirement planning services. They trust us for our six decades of industry experience and our commitment to providing personalized retirement plans for wealthy individuals.

We understand the specialized needs of high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals better than ordinary retirement planners. Please set up an exclusive free appointment with our wealth managers to get started with retirement planning today.


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