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Regardless of where you are in your life or career, sooner or later, you will approach retirement. While you should begin saving for your retirement as early as possible, working with a certified retirement financial advisor could be one move towards ensuring you accomplish your financial goals. If you want to plan for your dream retirement, you might be thinking, “where can I find a certified retirement financial advisor near me?”as these professionals are trained specifically for the purpose of planning your retirement. If you have $5+ million worth of liquid assets and need financial planning for significant life transitions such as retirement, don’t forget to request a copy of 7 Secrets to High-Net-Worth Investment Management, Estate, Tax, and Financial Planning.

7 Secrets minified

7 Secrets To High Net Worth Investment Management, Estate, Tax and Financial Planning

The insights you’ll discover from our published book will help you integrate a variety of wealth management tools with financial planning, providing guidance for your future security alongside complex financial strategies, so your human and financial capital will both flourish.

Clients frequently share with us how the knowledge gained from this book helped provide them tremendous clarity, shattering industry-pitched ideologies, while offering insight and direction in making such important financial decisions.

A retirement financial advisor can ease your worries by addressing a lot of your concerns. Wealth managers have extensive expertise in this area as they know the importance of a retirement plan for affluent individuals. At Pillar Wealth Management, we curate the best retirement plans for clients who have $5 million to $500 million worth of liquid investable assets. If you want to bring your retirement dreams to life, click here to schedule your first meeting with one of our team members.

Table of Contents
What Is A Retirement Plan Advisor?
What Does A Certified Retirement Financial Advisor Near Me Do?
How Much Do I Must Pay A Retirement Advisor?
How Do I Become A Certified Retirement Financial Advisor?
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What Is A Retirement Plan Advisor?

If you don’t have much information about retirement planning services, you might be thinking, what is a retirement plan advisor? As the name suggests, a retirement plan advisor is a financial professional who gives advice related to retirement planning.

These professional offer services that encompass:

• Helping you define your retirement objectives

• Identifying any vulnerabilities or gaps in your savings

• Offering suggestions to make your savings more tax-efficient.

These services are quite useful when curating a strategy for your ultimate retirement. The best retirement plan advisor can address your various retirement concerns and provide a roadmap towards a peaceful retirement.

What Does A Certified Retirement Financial Advisor Near Me Do?

A certified retirement financial advisor will work to get a comprehensive overview of your overarching financial circumstances. They will ask you questions related to your assets and liabilities, your retirement goals, and any possible inheritances that might be coming your way.

1. Develop A Financial Plan

Planning is an essential component of any financial management. Certified retirement financial advisors can help you chart out the details of your retirement after reviewing your short-term and long-term goals. Based on the insight they get, they can take steps to modify your asset allocation or use strategies to enhance your portfolio growth. We discuss more on this in our guide, 5 Critical Shifts for Maximizing Portfolio Growth Strategies.

Retirement advisors can even offer assistance in setting up and managing your retirement account. They can carry out several tasks, such as creating TFSA accounts, executing complex strategies that generate outsized compound revenues by utilizing means such as tax sheltering and deferrals.

2. Secure Your Wealth

Several years of wealth-building activities allowed you to build a wealth empire worth millions. Nevertheless, once you retire, you will be completely dependent on your savings to cover your expenses. It can be pretty discouraging to see all your hard-earned wealth get used sooner than expected. However, certified retirement financial advisors can help to ensure that you never have to face such a situation.

These professionals can use long-term strategies that effectively secure you from any potential threats and help you develop passive income sources to get more money. This way, you can continue to enjoy your existing lifestyle well into retirement. To know more about how you can shield yourself and your family from financial troubles, order a copy of our book, The Art of Protecting Ultra-High Net Worth Portfolios and Estates – Strategies For Families Worth $25 Million To $500 Million.

3. Manage Your Assets

Asset management is a task that gets tougher as you expand your portfolio. Every new asset you invest in will have to be monitored for risks, which is quite time-consuming. A retirement advisor can help you manage your assets easily and provide guidance when expanding your portfolio.

A retirement advisor can help you pick assets that provide you a passive retirement income. These could either be stable assets that offer a steady income stream that you can draw money from to fund your retirement goals. If you want to learn more on how you can enhance your portfolio performance before reaching retirement, read our special guide on ImprovingPortfolioPerformance.

4. Allow for Tax Planning

As a high net worth or ultra-high net worth investor, you are subject to a higher tax bracket. Even during your retirement, you might have to pay taxes on assets and investments that can consume a significant percentage of your retirement savings. Retirement financial advisors can help formulate a retirement strategy that factors in such taxes and create a tax-efficient investment portfolio. If you have $5 million to $500 million worth of liquid assets and want to reduce your tax liability, request a copy of our book, 7 Secrets to High-Net-Worth Investment Management, Estate, Tax, and Financial Planning.

5. Assist with Wealth Transfer

Estate and legacy planning are one of the most important things to think of when it comes to your retirement. Being a wealthy individual, you might have assets that you want to transfer to your inheritors or beneficiaries. In case you don’t have the right transference, the transfer taxes can cost you a lot of trouble.Schedule a meeting with one of our financial professionals and find out how you can tax-efficiently transfer your wealth to your heirs.

6. Maintain Your Charity Contributions

Several affluent investors donate to charitable organizations and causes throughout their life. This is a pretty fulfilling activity, hence it’s natural that you will want to maintain your charity contributions even during retirement. Nevertheless, if you desire to continue living a lavish lifestyle even in retirement, you might not have sufficient savings to sustain your charity donations. This is one of the bitter truths of retirement.

A well-devised retirement plan can help you account for this issue beforehand. A certified retirement financial advisor can suggest passive income sources that can help you carry on your charitable donations even in retirement.

Certified Retirement Financial Advisor Near Me

How Much Do I Must Pay A Retirement Advisor?

If you are interested in working with a retirement financial advisor to help you with your retirement plans and goals, you might be thinking, how much do I need to pay a retirement advisor. Well, retirement advisors charge a varying level of fees depending on the kind of services you need.

If you need expert guidance or advice from a retirement financial advisor, you might need to pay somewhere between $150 to $300 per hour. Alternatively, if you require a comprehensive retirement plan, you might have to pay $1,000 or more for the services you receive.

You need to be fully aware of such costs before you start working with a retirement financial advisor. However, these costs are quite insignificant as compared to the high value a strong retirement strategy offers. Book a meeting with us and find out how much you need to pay the financial advisors at Pillar Wealth Management.

How Do I Become A Certified Retirement Financial Advisor?

Planning for retirement is not a task that anyone can take up on their own. It requires a lot of skills, expertise, and knowledge. If you wish to plan for your retirement or offer retirement planning services to other high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals, the first thing you need to do is get the necessary educational qualifications.

Certified Retirement Financial Advisor (CRFA) Requirements

Before we get into the details of how you can become a certified retirement financial advisor, let’s take a look at the CRFA requirements.

The CRFA is a designation issued by the Society of Certified Retirement Financial Advisors. Acquiring these credentials indicates your dedication to offering advice on retirement-related issues. However, while other financial certifications such as a certified financial planner (CFP) mandate extensive testing and training, the CRFA is a modest and lesser-known designation that requires significantly less effort on your part.

There are no perquisites to apply for a CRFA. However, the granting organization does recommend that candidates have relevant and significant educational and work experience.

Particularly, candidates are advised to have at least three years of work experience in the financial services industry.This can mean that you either work in the insurance industry, the investment industry or perform tax planning roles as a tax professional.

Overview of the CRFA Program

If you want to get the CRFA certificate, you need to receive 24 hours or the equivalent of live classroom training or self-study in taxes, insurance, trusts, estate, and securities. You also need to pass an exam, agree to abide by a stringent code of ethics, and pursue further education in subsequent years.

To acquire a CFRA, you only need to pass the exam, which will cost you $595. You don’t need to finish a particular course of study before you apply to sit for the test.

However, you can attend a three-day seminar either online or live that will help you prep for the exam. You even have the option to self-study, using any training material that you want. If you go via the self-study route, you will need to demonstrate that you have 24 hours of secondary education in the professional financial services sector.

The Final Exam

The final exam encompasses six primary subjects – investment concepts for retirement, retiree tax problems, general retirement principles, ethical standards, and estate planning, Social Security, along with other government programs.

After finishing the seminar or your self-study program, you will have to take a monitored close-book test. As per the issuing body, the SCRFA, 72 percent of the candidates clear the exam in the first attempt, whereas 90 percent pass it in their second attempt.

Maintaining the Designation

Once you have received the certificate, you will have to agree to take 15 hours of continuing education each year to sustain the designation. It costs $345 per year or $295 for charter members of the association to renew the certificate.

If you fail to pay the renewal fee, your certification will lapse, and you will be required to retake the exam.

Wealth Manager or Retirement Planner?

An excellent retirement financial advisor will take time to learn about your financial circumstances and create a personalized retirement plan for you. We believe that a wealth manager is the best kind of retirement financial advisor.

Wealth managers are more suited to match the retirement planning needs of wealthy individuals for several reasons. These include:

1. Experience with Affluent Clients

If you have $5 million to $500 million of liquid assets, a wealth manager at Pillar Wealth Management will be best-suited to guide you. Our team works with high net worth and ultra-high net worth clients. In contrast, ordinary retirement financial advisors provide their services to all clients, regardless of their net worth.

2. More Services

Retirement financial advisors are generally financial planners who have expertise in retirement planning. These experts usually provide fewer services, particularly related to retirement planning.

Contrarily, wealth managers provide a vast range of services along with retirement planning. This includes asset allocation analysis, portfolio design, liquidity planning, etc. All of these services can help you accomplish your retirement goals in one way or another.

Enlist Pillar Wealth Management Today!

If you wish to spend a worry-free and comfortable retirement, you can’t go wrong by opting for Pillar Wealth Management. Affluent investors from all over the US seek out our professional retirement financial advisory services.

They trust our sixty years of combined industry experience and value the customized solutions we provide them to help them attain their unique needs at every stage. Schedule a free consultation with our wealth managers and get started with your retirement planning today!


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