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As a successful, wealthy entrepreneur and businessperson, you may already have multiple investments in play. If you’d like to gain a better understanding of your investment pattern, or if you’re a novice in this field, the best investment advisors can assist you with your financial matters.

Professional advice can give you the confidence that the assets in which you invest will result in profitable capital growth. Having a high or ultra-high net worth means that you need to get advice from the best investment advisors available.

Your financial management is only as effective as the person you put in charge of it. If you’re looking for financial assistance for liquid assets worth $10+ million, our guide can help you choose the best advisor.

To invest intelligently, you must have an awareness of market conditions and the finance sector. At Pillar Wealth Management, our wealth managers offer fully customized financial advisory services to investors worth $5 million to $500 million in liquid assets. If you need help navigating the market for optimized outcomes, schedule a meeting with us.


Table of Contents
Who are Investment Advisors?
What is Investment Planning?
How an Investment Advisor Can Improve Your Financial Life
When Should You Seek Investment Advice?
Hiring the Best Investment Advisors
Moving Forward

Who are Investment Advisors?

The best investment advisors are financial experts who give you advice on your investments and portfolio management. They study the market trends and fluctuations to learn about the application of appropriate strategies and methods to help you gain the most out of your investments. The best investment advisors are normally found in financial institutions, such as banks.

Registered Investment Advisors (RIA’s) are fiducial advisors who help you manage your investments. On the other hand, many investment advisors are also unregistered, non-fiduciary advisors. Therefore, it is preferable to do a background check on the investment advisor you are consulting. Both perform the task of suggesting securities for you to sell or invest in. Their suggestions are based on your risk level and expected return rates.

Best Investment Advisors

What is Investment Planning?

Investment planning is a crucial component of financial planning, especially for high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals. It involves using your available financial resources as a foundation for reaching your financial goals, such as having economic security in retirement or investing in large, valuable estates.

With thousands of investment vehicles to choose from, i.e., cash, property, bonds, equities, etc., an organized approach can make it easier to manage your assets. Professionals, such as the best investment advisors or investment planners, are equipped with the education and practical skills to help you accomplish this.

How the Best Investment Advisors Can Improve Your Financial Life

Answering the question, “What do investment advisors do?” can help you decide if it’s time for you to hire one. The services of the best investment advisors can help you improve your financial health.

Their stringent duty as fiduciaries requires them to ensure the security of your wealth. Warning you of potential risks and liabilities is part of their job. It’s relieving to know that there is an expert who is watching out for your wealth. The best investment advisors formulate an investment plan that caters to your specific needs.

As an affluent investor, your aim may be to increase your capital growth or generate more income. The best investment advisors can help you invest in the right investment vehicle to ensure you receive profits at a lower risk. Their experience and knowledge give them an insight into the most attractive securities to invest your assets in.

The best investment advisors do more than just advise you on where to invest your money. They also help with tax mitigation by using strategies to seek out assets with favorable tax incomes. Investment advisors have a specialization in managing your portfolio performance. When to invest, increase or decrease cash flow is a skill that requires years of practice. We talk about how these directly affect your investment profile in our book, The Art of Protecting Ultra-High Net Worth Portfolios and Estates: Strategies for Families worth $25 Million to $500 Million.

Formulating an Investment Plan

Your investment plan provides a comprehensive strategy for you to follow to meet your long-term and short-term goals. Investment advisors formulate this plan by evaluating your risk tolerance, financial aims, time frame, and investment personality. They study a broad range of investments to isolate and present you with the most prospective options.

The best investment advisors will make sure that your plan has a solid foundation and enough diversification to withstand the effects of market volatility. Not only does this safeguard your assets, but it also helps in managing your investments to maximize your capital growth.

The formulation of an investment plan involves the following steps:

  1. Analyzing your current financial status, future objectives, and investment personality.
  2. Developing strategies based on your investment portfolio.
  3. Adjusting and modifying your portfolio to meet your goals of economic growth and security.
  4. Exploring investment options and present you with suitable securities to invest in.
  5. Reviewing your plan and rebalancing your asset allocation on a regular basis.

The best investment advisors recommend the best course of action to improve your portfolio. We have highlighted 5 critical shifts to help you achieve the most out of your investments in our guide.

When Should You Seek Investment Advice?

Unpredictable market conditions make it challenging to know which investments will lead you towards economic growth or financial ruin. So, before you think, “Do I need investment advisors?” ask yourself if you have the knowledge base, discipline, and qualifications to make this decision on your own.

Investment Management for Affluent Investors

With your wealth on the line, the process of investing can become overwhelming, emotional, and stressful. The best investment advisors have the emotional fortitude to objectively make an unbiased judgment, without personal feelings clouding their judgment. Our guide can help wealthy families with a net worth of $10+ million choose the right advisor.

People invest for a variety of reasons, from wanting to secure their assets in something of tangible value to want to earn a profit on their income. If you want to secure your family’s financial stability, one option is to consult an investment advisor that will help you create an investment plan that will ensure a steady increase in income. Your investments can act as a safety net, allowing you to have funds to cover financial emergencies without compromising your savings.

High net worth investment management is set apart due to the specific requirements of affluent investors. Millions of dollars in liquid assets make this a more complex task, for which experts are required to have the relevant experience. The best investment advisors know how to manage the complications that come with large sums of money, such as higher risks and higher taxes.

The portfolio of wealthy investors demands the utmost care as the risk of loss is higher. This necessitates that the person managing their portfolio must have in-depth knowledge. Their experience in handling multiple assets across various accounts makes them suitable to manage your assets.

Your financial health depends on more than just where you invest your assets. It requires a holistic service to tend to all monetary aspects. This is a service that wealth managers provide, in addition to helping you invest wisely. If you are looking for fiduciary and unbiased investing advice, contact one of our wealth managers.

Hiring the Best Investment Advisors

If you find yourself wondering, “How do I find an investment advisor” you can begin your search on the internet. While you may not find the ideal prospects right away, you will learn more about the investment world, which will consequently contribute to you making the best choice.

You should be thorough in the process of making the best decision possible when choosing an investment advisor. After all, your entire life’s earnings are at stake. Our Ultimate Guide can take you through the steps of making this process efficient. Your financial life can flourish in the hands of the best investment advisors.

Being familiar with financial jargon can give you an advantage. The advisors you meet will communicate with you better once they see that you know your way around investments. This will also help you eliminate options that may not be up to the mark in terms of knowledge or skills. Preparing questions related to your investment profile and financial objectives is one way to approach this. Be sure to inquire about the services they offer and whether they provide active or passive investment management.

Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) are more reliable because of their fiduciary standard of care. The clientele an investment firm caters to speaks volumes about their specialization in dealing with high net worth or ultra-high net worth individuals.

If you prefer to avoid all the hassle of identifying suitable advisors, you can ask for recommendations within your circle of wealthy investors. Their insight and experiences could help guide you in the right direction for finding the best investment advisors. In any case, looking up reviews and checking for certifications is a must.

6 Qualities to Look for In Investment Advisors

The question on your mind may be, “What is the best option for investment advisors?” There are a few factors to consider when searching for an appropriate investment advisor or investment manager.

  1. – They should have plentiful knowledge of the finance market to make the right call for asset allocation. A consistent strategy can minimize risk and improve your portfolio performance. We talk more about these strategies in our Performance Guide.
  2. – It would be in your best interests to search for an investment advisor who abides by a fiduciary duty. This would legally require them to make decisions for your best interests and warn you of possible risks and conflicts of interest. This ensures that your wealth will remain secure and not be taken advantage of.
  3. – Portfolio optimization requires your investment advisor to understand your goals and values and strive to meet them. They should be able to track the progress of your finances to monitor whether they are helping you move towards your goals.
  4. – Skills in the relevant field are crucial to ensure that your investments stay on track. The investment advisor you choose should be able to rebalance your portfolio to manage the risk to reward ratio. Additionally, a regular review of your portfolio performance will help you stay aligned with your goals and financial needs.
  5. – An experienced advisor should be well-versed in the investment management of affluent individuals. Managing numerous high-value assets is not a task that every advisor can undertake. Wealth managers, for example, are trained to handle the financial aspects of wealthy individuals. Our wealth managers are perfectly suited for the role. Schedule a call to have a discussion with them.
  6. – Personalization is an important quality in an investment advisor. Each person’s financial needs are different, and your advisor should take the time to familiarize themselves with your expectations, preferred methods, and moral values.

A similar mindset is essential for you to work cohesively with your advisor. Therefore, getting to know them is a great start. If you are able to identify these qualities in your advisor in your first consultation, you can rest assured that you have found the appropriate investment advisor for you.

Moving Forward

The best investment advisors have tax-efficient, diverse, and impact investing strategies that provide you with economic growth and financial serenity. They will rebalance your portfolio while monitoring costs and asset protection.

Wealth managers at Pillar Wealth Management offer expert and exclusive wealth management advisory services to affluent investors with $50 million to $500 million investable assets. Our experts respond when you need help, take an interest in your life situation, and provide you with proactive steps to secure and enhance your wealth. Contact our team for a free consultation.

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