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Individuals who have built their wealth through investments typically possess knowledge in many key areas. They may be familiar with different industries and choose investments that align with their portfolio goals. However, such investors may still require external wealth management solutions from time to time. When the time comes, many turn to professional wealth management firms for assistance. Pillar Wealth Management specializes in providing investors with $5 million to $500 million in liquid investment assets with wealth management solutions. Learn about some of the solutions and strategies we use by requesting a free copy of our book 7 Secrets To High Net Worth Investment Management, Estate, Tax and Financial Planning.

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7 Secrets To High Net Worth Investment Management, Estate, Tax and Financial Planning

The insights you’ll discover from our published book will help you integrate a variety of wealth management tools with financial planning, providing guidance for your future security alongside complex financial strategies, so your human and financial capital will both flourish.

Clients frequently share with us how the knowledge gained from this book helped provide them tremendous clarity, shattering industry-pitched ideologies, while offering insight and direction in making such important financial decisions.

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Challenges of Being an Investor

The life of an investor isn’t an easy one. They may seem shielded from some of the problems that people with a low net worth face. However, they still face many challenges when it comes to growing and protecting their wealth. Please talk with one of our wealth managers to learn more about keeping your wealth safe.

Some of these challenges include:

Making the Right Investment Decisions

As an investor, you may already possess a large portfolio consisting of many different assets. Expanding your portfolio is a wise decision, especially if your goal is diversification. However, it can be challenging to make the right investment decision when it comes to unfamiliar markets or assets.

You can rely on the investment knowledge you have accrued over the years, but it may not be helpful in certain situations. For example, you could be interested in investing in a particular company in an innovative branch of the tech industry.

Making this investment could be risky without proper guidance from someone who is trained to provide wealth management solutions. Investors with $5 million or more can learn about some of our own investment strategies by reading our special guide.

Managing Risks

All investments carry some form of risk. However, these risks may not always be easy to identify. This is because different types of assets carry unique risks. For example, a real estate investor will need to consider liquidity risks before investing in a particular property. This is in addition to the general market risks real estate is susceptible to.

The truth is that managing portfolio risks consumes energy. The more assets you possess, the more risks you will be taking on. However, you may still need to maintain a large portfolio if your goal is diversification. Learn more about wealth management solutions for expanding your portfolio without compromising on portfolio performance in our special guide.

Becoming Tax Efficient

If you have many investments, you may already be aware of the high taxes you must pay on them. Many investors prefer to avoid thinking about paying taxes. After all, taxes cut into your profits and slow down the rate at which your wealth grows.

As an investor, you may be surprised to learn that there are many strategies to legally reduce the amount of taxes you owe. We discuss some great wealth management solutions for tax planning in our guide for investors with $5 million or more.

Achieving Your Dream Retirement

You may dream of achieving the perfect retirement that allows you to relax and enjoy life. Perhaps you are interested in travelling the world. Alternatively, you may wish to purchase a new home in your childhood neighborhood and move there with your family. However, your retirement goals can be hard to achieve without a proper plan in place.

Retired individuals must give up their primary income source and rely on their savings. This makes it difficult to maintain a luxurious lifestyle. Retired investors will need to also cut back on their expenditures if they wish to stretch out their savings for as long as possible. Please speak with our wealth managers to learn about retirement planning.

Passing on Wealth

Wealthy individuals work to provide their families and dependents with comfortable lives. They may also want their wealth to be passed onto them. However, this wealth transfer process can be more complicated than one would assume.

Investors who pass away without setting up a proper estate plan may inadvertently create problems for their beneficiaries. In this situation, their wealth may be distributed by the court system. As a result, their dependents may not receive the full amount of wealth they were intended to receive. We discuss the challenges of estate planning and the requisite wealth management solutions in our special guide for investors with $10 million or more.

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Wealth management solutions include financial planning, recommending and managing investments, business planning, advising on taxes and budgeting, and planning for charitable giving.

The important first step is to develop a financial plan; then, a portfolio is developed and managed; finally, other areas are addressed, such as taxation and insurance.

Wealth management aims to meet the client’s financial goals by maintaining and growing wealth through investments and protecting that wealth through estate planning, philanthropy, and tax management.

An example of wealth management is to create an estate plan, which is a plan ensuring the distribution of assets according to the client’s wishes. This may include creating a trust or foundation.

The basics of wealth management are financial planning and building and managing an asset portfolio. The wealth manager also advises the client on tax issues, insurance, estates, and philanthropy.

Hiring a wealth management advisor allows the client to attend to other things besides managing their money. Plus, they may need advice because their knowledge of financial markets is limited.

The most important component is for the wealth manager to have a full comprehension of the client’s financial and life circumstances in order to create for them the most advantageous financial plan.

There is always the risk of losing money due to poor investment decisions and major market fluctuations. Poor results may also be due to inadequate communication between the advisor and the client.

Before engaging a wealth management firm, clarify your goals and objectives. In what areas of your finances do you need advice? Do some research on the topic to feel comfortable talking to an advisor.

Wealth managers work with their clients to formulate financial plans. They analyze the markets and monitor asset portfolios to ensure good performance according to the client’s goals.

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What is a Wealth Manager?

Many of the financial challenges mentioned above can be overcome with a wealth manager’s assistance. You may be wondering what exactly a wealth manager is. These are financial professionals who offer a variety of services related to wealth protection and growth, that is to say, wealth management solutions.

They typically provide wealth management solutions to individuals with high or ultra-high net worth and possess knowledge in a variety of key financial areas.

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Wealth Management Solutions — 5 Key Essential Services

Wealth managers stand out from ordinary financial advisors because they offer a large number of wealth management solutions. Five of the essential wealth management solutions or services they offer are:

1. Portfolio Analysis

Wealth managers can analyze your portfolio and look for the various risks and inefficiencies present. They can then offer wealth management solutions to help you manage or work around these issues. This service is vital for any investor who wishes to understand the full extent of their portfolio risks and keep their wealth safe.

2. Asset Management

Large portfolios can be difficult to manage without assistance. Luckily, a wealth manager can offer to do just that by applying wealth management solutions. These professionals are familiar with the various intricacies of asset management. They can monitor each asset’s performance and inform you about any notable updates.

This asset management service allows you to spend less time worrying about your portfolio and focus on other wealth-building strategies.

3. Retirement Planning

Earlier, we discussed the importance of retirement planning in achieving your dream retirement. Wealth manners can help you with planning your retirement using tried and tested wealth management solutions. They may advise you to focus your efforts on investments that provide passive retirement income. They may also assist you with budgeting to help you increase your retirement savings.

The right retirement plan can address your retirement concerns and allow you to enjoy this life stage in comfort.

4. Estate Planning

Many of the estate planning challenges we discussed earlier can be addressed with the help of a wealth manager’s estate planning services. These professionals can assist you in designing a will that outlines your wealth distribution wishes clearly. This will ensure there is a plan in place once you pass away.

Wealth managers can also offer wealth management solutions for setting up trusts. The right trust can help you maintain better control of your wealth and ensure it is available for your beneficiaries at a future date. You can learn more about estate planning by requesting a copy of our book The Art of Protecting Ultra-High Net Worth Portfolios and Estates – Strategies For Families Worth $25 Million To $500 Million.

5. Tax Planning

Investors who wish to become tax efficient can greatly benefit from hiring a wealth manager, whose tax planning services can help them reduce the amount of taxes they legally owe. To achieve this, a wealth manager may use different strategies, such as restructuring your portfolio or recommending that you change your state of residence. Please speak with our wealth managers to learn more about our tax planning services.

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Are Wealth Management Firms Trustworthy?

If you have never used a wealth manager, you may be wondering, “Can I trust wealth management solutions?” The truth is that countless investors across the globe use wealth management services regularly. After all, these are services designed specifically to meet the needs of high net worth and ultra-high net worth investors.

Wealth managers are dedicated to helping you meet your goals. They spend many years studying different investment and wealth management strategies and offer their knowledge to investors in their time of need.

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Finding the Right Wealth Management Solutions

If you are seeking wealth management services for the first time, you may be confused about where to start looking. After all, many wealth managers and firms tout themselves as being able to provide the best wealth management solutions. However, finding the right wealth management experts to help you can be tricky.

If you are wondering, “Where can I find wealth management solutions?”, the following strategies can help you.

Ask Around

If you maintain a sizable business network, you may already know some investors who are using wealth management services. You should consider asking them which wealth management firms they use and whether they are reliable.

This search strategy can be especially effective if you know other investors with the same financial background or net worth as you.

Check the Internet

If you’d rather look for wealth management firms independently, the internet is a great place to start looking. Most wealth managers and wealth management firms maintain a digital presence.

You can find websites and business profiles for wealth managers by performing a quick Google search. During your search, look for wealth managers that specialize in providing the type of services you are seeking.

Check Reviews and Ratings

A wealth management firm’s website can help you learn about their services. However, it won’t tell you much about their reliability or track record. Therefore, it is wise to look up online reviews for these wealth management firms on independent websites.

Look for reviews left by the firm’s past clients, keeping a close eye out for any information on their availability or past failures. This will help you filter out the reliable wealth managers from the unreliable ones.

Contact the Wealth Manager or Firm

The final step is to contact the wealth manager or wealth management firm directly. Setting up a meeting and holding an interview is the best way to gauge a wealth manager’s expertise. During your meeting, you should explain your financial concerns and goals.

You should also ask them about their availability and fee structure. The wealth manager will then explain the various ways in which they can help you. The right wealth manager will take the time to understand your background and offer solutions tailored specifically for you.

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Our Wealth Management Solutions

AT Pillar Wealth Management, we deliver personalized financial advice so that you can achieve your goals. We begin with what’s most important to you, from ensuring you have enough money when you retire to providing for your children’s education to creating a foundation or trust.

Working together, we will document your goals in order to understand your personal and financial situation. We will make personalized recommendations to improve your portfolio through diversification and taking into account your risk tolerance.

We will track your portfolio’s progress and make ongoing recommendations. As your life circumstances change, we will adjust your portfolio to incorporate those changes. Our advice and recommendations are personalized to help you achieve your short and long-term goals.

Comprehensive advice

Our personalized recommendations can cover budgeting, saving for retirement and education, major purchases, insurance, and estate planning.

If you own a small business, we can help you with business finances. We will develop tax planning and employee benefit plans.

To Begin

Schedule a complimentary initial consultation. We can advise you even if you already have an advisor.

Prepare for your consultation by identifying your goals. Clarify the areas in which you would like advice and any recent events that have motivated you to seek professional financial advice.

Gather any relevant documents, such as bank statements, tax returns, and insurance policies.

The First Meeting

During our first meeting, we will discuss your goals and priorities, how we can work together, and the costs.

Next, we’ll design a plan to help you reach your goals, including a portfolio that aligns with your goals.    

During regular progress meetings, we review your goals, progress, and investments. You can connect with us whenever you need to, either in person, on the phone, or online.

We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary initial consultation. 

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing personalized financial advice. Your financial needs and goals are the focus of our work with you, providing ongoing evaluation of your progress toward those goals.

Our investment and asset allocation recommendations are tailored to your situation and risk tolerance.

Through regular meetings, we review the progress of your portfolio. We integrate your life changes into your financial plan.

You can access and review your accounts and investments at any time.

Why Choose Pillar Wealth Management?

Pillar Wealth Management is the first choice for many investors across the country. Our wealth managers have over six decades of industry experience and strive to expand their knowledge with each passing year.

We charge our clients transparent annual fees for our services, which are based on a percentage of the value of the client’s assets. We work to provide custom solutions for specific problems because we believe each investor has a unique background. Please set up a complimentary first video meeting with our wealth managers to get started with our wealth management solutions.


To be 100% transparent, we published this page to help filter through the mass influx of prospects, who come to us through our website and referrals, to gain only a handful of the right types of new clients who wish to engage us.

We enjoy working with high net worth and ultra-high net worth investors and families who want what we call financial serenity – the feeling that comes when you know your finances and the lifestyle you desire have been secured for life, and that you don’t have to do any of the work to manage and maintain it because you hired a trusted advisor to take care of everything.

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