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Real Scenario How $5 – $500 Million Investors Can Protect

Real Scenario How $5 – $500 Million Investors Can Protect

Regardless of what happens next with the markets, today’s video is an opportunity to take action and achieve better financial security, growth and peace of mind. We will be demonstrating how the all-too-common, unanticipated, and unacceptable huge losses affect so many real life ultra-high net worth families.

We are going to show you how a pre-retiree with a $14 Million portfolio on the eve of retirement was hit so hard! We’ll discuss how to take action now so you can better recover from these losses and how the current, supposedly trusted, big wall street advisors and managers have failed this potential client. 

You will see how this family fared, and compare what we are offering  to achieve peace of mind and serenity during the bad times, as well as to thrive during the good times. We know horrible markets will occur again during their lifetime and we plan for these in advance.

Hi, Chris Snyder here, Co-founder of Pillar Wealth Management and I am with my business partner of 30 years, and Co Founder Hutch Ashoo.

We are  here to share with you why families with liquid portfolios of at least $5 Million and up to $500 Million seek our fiduciary, fee-only advice.

Our clients don’t want to hit a home run, but they do want to preserve the money they have built and want it to grow.

We are often asked why we specialize in working with the high net worth and ultra high net worth clients, and here’s the simple and important answer:

There’s a whole lot of work involved.

You see, the big Wall Street firms, big banks and brokerages, they don’t want work since they don’t bill by the hour like an attorney.  They want to shoehorn you into their one-size-fits-all, cook-cutter plans.

Not us. We provide our clients a fully custom, individualized approach to wealth planning and investment planning. Often time these clients find either a PLANNER or a MONEY MANAGER, not both.

We believe CUSTOM wealth planning and investment planning is THE ONLY VIABLE WAY to maximize returns AND protect your wealth at the same time.

And we can only provide that kind of time and labor intensive service when the size of the asset base makes financial sense.

I am going to turn the next part of this video over to my partner Hutch and he is going to demonstrate how we customize our investment process. You will see how we look in detail at a clients existing portfolio and find ways to improve results.

We look at performance in good and bad markets, underlying fees and expenses that often tear into your profits, tax efficiency, and the investment allocation. Too often we are finding wall street fall in love with the markets and the client ends up overexposed to risk. Too many people are losing millions of dollars during the coronavirus crash and it is mostly due to their risk exposure.

Here is hutch

Thank you Chris. NO ONE KNOWS WHERE THE MARKETS ARE GOING NEXT, they may go up but they may also go down! Instead of allowing big Wall Street firms, money managers and discount brokers make bets with you money, you now have a chance to evaluate exactly where you stand, what you have to gain or lose, and what your best options may be.

If you have at least $5 million and up to $500 million in investable assets we can help you find out how your personal portfolio’s performance, asset allocation, and expenses compare. To evaluate how our portfolios can help you  achieve financial serenity in the bad markets, and still thrive during the good periods,  give my business partner Hutch Ashoo a call  or text on his cell phone at 408-675-1777.

It is a great time right now to work with an experienced, independent, fiduciary advisory firm, and I urge you start a conversation by making the simple call or text. Hutch’s cell again is (408) 675-1777, call him or text him anytime, he hardly ever sleeps.