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COVID-19 Recession Response for Ultra-High Net Worth Investors

An Opportunity To Compare Your Performance To What We Do 

As seasoned wealth managers, our most reasoned assessment of the current markets is that you may not have time to “wait out” the market collapse caused by the coronavirus.

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We strongly believe depending on your age and portfolio performance over the last two months,now may be the most critical time to act. IF you want to minimize additional losses and, more importantly, start capturing more of the upside that will eventually come.

If you are a high net worth or ultra-high net worth investor around 50to77 years old, in retirement or pre-retirement, have you considered how long it might take to recover from the COVID-19 recession?

It’s impossible to say. But the dotcom recession from 2000 took 13 long years to recover from. If you look at the S&P 500, it was at the same level 13 years after the dotcom collapse as it was before. That’s because all the gains in the years following got swallowed up in the 2008 crash.

Let that be a warning to all who say “Hold On And Wait It Out”!

Where will you be in 13 years? Where do you want to be?

The good news is,you are not powerless. You can receive acustomized game plan, but now is the critical time to put it into play. Even waiting two months could be too long.

When the market collapses like it is now, you have three options for how to respond:

– Panic and get out of the market – this is a terrible move

– Hold on for dear life, dig in, and wait it out – this is the most commonly prescribed response

– Make targeted adjustments and move to a better position to capture future growth or to protect from possible further losses

We recommend option #3, making targeted adjustments, and we can show you what you can specifically do–but only when you take action today.

Here’s your 4-step action plan:

1.Make the Call

When can’t emphasize this enough: if your portfolio is over $5 million and less than $500 million then get in touch with us immediately.

Schedule a time to talk with co-founder Hutch Ashoo by clicking here

The call costs nothing and risks nothing. You need information about your specific situation. You won’t find what you need reading blogs and news stories or even watching CNBC.

You must pick up the phone and talk to an ultra-high net worth wealth management expert specializing in helping folks of your financial caliber.

Not someone with $100,000. And not from an underling just out of college. You must speak to a 30-year fiduciary who has developed a proprietary process for achieving optimized investment performance.

2.Send Your Statements

NO ONE KNOWS WHERE THE MARKETS ARE GOING NEXT. They may go up but they may also go down!

Instead of allowing big Wall Street firms, money managers and discount brokers make bets with you money, you now have a chance to evaluate exactly where you stand, what you have to gain or lose and what your best options may be.

To find out how your personal portfolio’s performance and expenses fare and evaluate how our portfolios could benefit you achieving mental and financial serenity, while still thriving during the good times give us a call.

Schedule a time to talk with co-founder Hutch Ashoo by clicking here

If you have at least $5 million and up to $500 million in investable assets and would like to evaluate a course correction and work with an experienced, independent, fiduciary advisory firm, then we urge you start a conversation with us.

 Once you’ve spoken to us, send in your portfolio statements. Download the number of shares and symbols directly from your custodian, or black out your account numbers and send us your statements.

The purpose of this step is not to switch wealth managers or make any decisions. The point is to get information – how is your portfolio doing?

This is an information-only step. It is how you’ll acquire the clarity and data you need before you can make smart decisions.

3.Get Our Analysis

Once we have uploaded your information into our systems, we will connect with you and share a detailed comparison of how your investments performed, and various scenarios of how you could have performed using various methods that we have developed.

We have used this approach with many ultra-affluent and affluent investors and the process is eye-opening for them. They have been pleasantly shocked at what we share.

4.Take Action

With that analysis in hand, you can make an informed decision. You can do something instead of just hoping the storm doesn’t cause you too much damage. The damage may last for years – we just don’t know.

That’s why acting now – but based on objective data and not emotion – is so critical.

We want to share this data with you. Schedule your call right now and get the information you need to evade the worst financial aspects of the coronavirus crisis, and capture the growth that will eventually follow.

Schedule a time to talk with co-founder Hutch Ashoo by clicking here