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How UHNW Pre-Retirees Can Protect Wealth Even In a Bear Market

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And while bear markets spread their pain to nearly everyone, how they affect you as an ultra-high net worth pre-retiree is particularly unique. The reason is because an inordinately wide chasm exists between how much you could lose and how much you ‘need’ to lose, if any. This gap is much wider for you than for most … Read more

10 Reasons Private Wealth Management Works Best in San Francisco

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Looking for a Local Wealth Manager? Here’s Why You Should Go Small Looking for the best San Francisco wealth management companies? These days, it seems nearly every big bank, investment firm, and discount brokerage now offers wealth management as one of their services. Many of these big companies are also publicly traded. Pillar Wealth Management is a … Read more

Financial Planning Lessons from WeWork’s IPO Downfall

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In case you missed the backstory or haven’t heard of the company, WeWork rents office space in prime real estate areas such as their location currently in downtown San Francisco, and then rents them out to startups, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and even established companies as community working spaces. On the positive side, it’s a smart business … Read more

Watch Helplessly: 6 Hidden & Avoidable Investment Costs

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There’s a second and related truth to that. Investment performance rises and falls. No one earns market-defying gains year after year. But investment costs – those just keep on coming. While some investment costs are tied to performance, many are not. As you’re about to see, you should stop asking so many questions about performance, … Read more

How to Respond to Market Volatility in 3 Smart Steps

How to Respond to Market Volatility in 3 Smart Steps Are You Freaking Out From What Market Volatility Is Doing to Your Monthly Statements? 3 Healthy and Sensible Ways to Respond to Market Volatility Few envelopes in the mail can arouse such an extreme breadth of emotion as your financial statements. One month, when your … Read more

Why Trying to ‘Beat the Market’ Doesn’t Work and Is the Wrong Question

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Since you found this article, it means you probably think outperforming the market is both a worthy goal and perhaps even an achievable goal. You may or may not be convinced that it’s possible to consistently outperform the market, but you think it’s worth shooting for. Here’s the bubble-burster: There is no guide, system, or … Read more