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My wealth article

My Wealth Article What if, the next time you visit your financial advisor, you don’t ask about your portfolio’s performance? What if instead, you ask your advisor each quarter to give you the latest odds on reaching your long-term goals? Most experienced investors have been trained to focus on their portfolio’s quarterly and annual returns. … Read more

10 Emotions That Can Wreck Your Ultra-High Net Worth Portfolio

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One primary reason for this is emotion. We are emotional beings, and emotions tend to make terrible investment decisions. Recently, several research studies have started to explore why and how this is true. Leaning heavily on a terrific summary of some of this research from The Globe and Mail, we’ll be exploring ten emotions that work against … Read more

Black Swan Events Don’t Have to Imperil Your Portfolio

Black Swan Events Don’t Have to Imperil Your Portfolio Over the past thirty years, we’ve seen more than a few recessions and market crashes. Pillar’s experts have managed high net worth and ultra-high net worth portfolios for individuals or families with $5 million to $500 million through the ups and downs related to a variety of major … Read more

Financial Planning Lessons from WeWork’s IPO Downfall

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In case you missed the backstory or haven’t heard of the company, WeWork rents office space in prime real estate areas such as their location currently in downtown San Francisco, and then rents them out to startups, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and even established companies as community working spaces. On the positive side, it’s a smart business … Read more