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Securing YOUR Ultra-High Net worth Portfolio And Estate In Light Of The Federal Reserve & 2017 Trump Administration Policy Changes: Part 2

In part one of this two-part series, we highlighted that policy changes by the Federal Reserve, in combination with policy and regulatory changes by the incoming 2017 Trump Administration, present investors with either an obstacles and possibly opportunities. Naturally, ultra-high net worth investors want to avoid the former and exploit the latter. To that end, […]

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Securing YOUR Ultra-High Net Worth Portfolio And Estate In Light Of The Federal Reserve & 2017 Trump Administration Policy Changes: Part 1

It is always wise to evaluate portfolios and strategies on an ongoing basis. However, in times of change, the need is even greater. And with the Federal Reserve’s change in policy and the incoming 2017 Trump Administration, it is safe to say that ultra-high net worth families must be prepared for possible good times, and […]

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With the Incoming Trump Administration and Impending Federal Reserve Rate Hike Evaluating Money Managers Isn’t Personal, It’s Policy

As we explore in our recently published book “The Art Of Protecting Ultra-High Net Worth Portfolios And Estates, Strategies For Families Worth $25 Million to $500 Million,” each family’s Investment Policy Statement should establish what is expected of money managers, and how and when the family will act when expectations are not met. This becomes […]

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Performance Targets: Where the Investment Policy Statement & Family Constitution Intersect

In a previous article, we discussed the role and importance of the Investment Policy Statement. To recap, this document is a unifying statement of financial objectives that focuses on “hard” money issues. It differs from a Family Constitution, which is a document that seeks solidarity of values and vision, and focuses on “soft” money issues. […]

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A Key Aspect of the Investment Policy Statement: Unifying Family Direction

In a previous article we explored why investors must have an Investment Policy Statement, which is a unifying statement of financial goals and objectives. And while this key document concerns itself with net returns after taxes, expenses, fees and inflation, today we are looking at another key function it serves: unifying family direction. Focusing on […]

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Investing is War and Demands a Battle Strategy

In our life-long experience as wealth management advisers, we have observed that investors of all kinds – including some ultra-high net worth investors — tend to focus entirely on the return of their individual investments. However, this approach is fundamentally flawed and puts investors at serious risk. Simply put: investing is war, and as such […]

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Exploring the Nature of Ultra-High Net Worth Families

Like many other experiences in both personal and professional life, obtaining ultra-high net worth status is a process that typically involves a series of linear stages. Based on our work with ultra-high net worth families over the years, we can refer to these stages in this article as: Accomplishment, Obligation, Establishing and Purpose. The Accomplishment […]

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WARNING! Ultra-High Net Worth Investors: FOUR Beliefs Which Threaten Your Lifestyle And Life-Electives

Let us start with this: ultra-high net worth investors get far more right than they get wrong. They also typically have a tremendous amount of discipline, determination and drive. All of these characteristics translate into uncommon levels of wealth and success. When Risks Turn into Threats However, ultra-high net worth investors are, after all, human […]

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Ultra-High Net Worth Investors Shouldn’t Be Fooled By Time-Weighted Return, Their Focus Should be on Wealth-Weighted Return

With over 50 years of combined wealth management experience, we have unearthed a fundamental wealth management principle that, amazingly, most wealth/money managers don’t understand: the timing of when money flows in and out of a portfolio, combined with the sequence of returns, has a dramatic impact on how much wealth is created or lost. Before […]

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Ultra-High Net Worth Families Would Be Well Served To Plan For Predictable and Recurring Major Market Shocks

While today’s market volatility is certainly newsworthy, it is by no means new. We have seen this story play out many times before, and we will see it again. Yes, the so-called unpredictable shocks have different titles, but rest assured they are predictable and recurring. See if you recognize the following events which wiped out […]

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