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Testimonial from Col. Robert B.

I have worked with Chris Snyder, handling my investments for over 30 years. During this time I developed a personal relationship with Chris and am very pleased with the personal attention he has paid to my investments.

When I was getting ready to retire I looked into what my retirement income would be. I wanted to maintain my current lifestyle and hoped to maintain my existing income. I did some number crunching and knew I would fall a little short. I had $23,000 that I could invest in hopes that it would eventually provide a supplement to my monthly income.

I started an interview process with several investment companies. I provided them with the financial figures I had been analyzing, knowing I would fall a little short. They all said that if i invested with them that I would meet my goal, except Chris. He said I would fall a little short. Truth will out, I invested with Chris because I felt he was the only one that was honest with me. The first year was a terrible year for the economy. Not only did my investment not grow but I lost $3,000. Chris recommended I ride it out and not make any changes. The same advice he has given over the years. My investment start to grow, sometimes rapidly other times slow but always growing. For several years now both my wife and I take a monthly supplement that comes from the annual growth of the investment and allows the principal to continue to grow.

Pillar Financial has simplified my tax returns by sending a copy of all documents pertaining to my investments directly to my tax preparer. Also, Chris is in direct contact with my tax preparer and there have been several incidents where they have communicated directly with each other.

There was one incident of personal attention that bears mentioning. My family have all moved to Arizona. On a visit to them in April of 2019 we were looking around the countryside with the thought that we might want to move there also. As luck would have it, we looked at a house that my wife fell in love with. We spent that afternoon in the realtor’s office with the realtor on one phone negotiating with the seller and me on another phone with Chris who was advising me on my negotiating position. He finally came up with a figure that I could take out enough to make a cash offer without incurring a tax liability. It took three phone calls while Chris did the number crunching with my investment but the cash offer was accepted. We are planning to move into the house as soon as the remodel is completed. Even though we will be spending the rest of our days living in Arizona, we plan to keep our investment portfolio with Pillar Financial.

Over the years I have recommended Pillar Financial to family members and friends. I was, and still am confident that they would get the same professional and personal treatment that I have received. I highly recommend Pillar Financial for anyone who is looking for an investment counselor.

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