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Right decision to have fiduciary financial advisor

Prior to Pillar Wealth Management, our investments were in CDs, non-interest checking & savings, annuities, IRAs, 457Kplan, Term Life Insurance, etc. We felt overwhelmed managing on our own and knew we need a fiduciary financial advisor to help us simplify and better manage our finances.

In January 2022, my sister recommended Christopher Snyder (Pillar Wealth Management). In our Discovery Meeting with Chris, we shared our retirement goals, financial values, the importance of spending time with family, the financial freedom to travel and to volunteer, to provide financial support (education) to grandkids through gifting, the sufficient funding for future medical expenses (long term care), etc.

With that information, Chris completed a gap analysis (on where we are financially and where we would like to be) and created a wealth management plan tailored to our needs.

Fast forward to today, we are liking what we see in our investments. We can see we can achieve what is important to us and still have financial assets pass down to the next generation. Their continuing monitoring and performing stress test on a quarterly basis, Chris’s ability to know how we are financially at all times, his ongoing planning to track that we are on target all these make us feel confident that Chris is the one that we can entrust to manage our investments. We look forward to a long-term relationship with Chris Snyder (Pillar Wealth Management).

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