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Our financial advisor for 27 years.

My husband and I have had the pleasure of working with Chris Snyder at Pillar Wealth Management since 1996, 27 years. Lots of life happened in those years, assessing our financial readiness to retire, retiring in California, moving to France, resettling, moving to Florida, setting up trusts, husbands passing, moving to Arizona. Chris helped us through each change not only with the complicated financial aspects but also with other relevant information. Throughout those years he ably managed our significant investment accounts, IRAs, and two trusts.

I especially appreciate his timely communications. When the markets have a significant change, shortly thereafter I receive an email. He explains why our investments are safer due to the diversity of our portfolio. Semiannually, we have a review to update my goals and finances. Every question is answered promptly and thoroughly. I highly recommend Chris Snyder at Pillar Wealth Management.

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