Team Bio

Hutch Ashoo and Chris Snyder are co-founders of Pillar Wealth Management, LLC, an independent, fee-only, private wealth management firm. The two own 100 percent of the firm and have a combined 60+ years of wealth management experience.

Their firm is focused on delivering customized private wealth management advice to high net worth individuals and families as well as privately held company owners. It has been their privilege to work with ultra-high net worth families, some of whom attained wealth reaching $400 million, helping them achieve a positive change in their lives and finances.

Mr. Ashoo and Mr. Snyder provide an all-in-one financial solutions resource for their clients’ financial needs. In their role as their clients’ go-to advisor, they help with investment management, strategic planning, asset allocation, risk control, investment policy and tracking of the family’s life-goals.

Once they understand the income their clients need to confidently achieve all their financial and life goals, they study their expected outflows and inflows and the tax ramifications. Driven by the need to manage the portfolio with tax efficiency, they begin working with clients by investing their portfolio according to a customized investment plan.

For many advisors, this is where the hard work stops and the investments go on autopilot. The investment plan gets put in the drawer to sit there until the next bear market, when the advisor pulls it out to inform the client that this is a good time to start a new plan.

At Pillar Wealth Management, LLC, it is understood that Black Swan events will challenge their clients’ financial futures—in the long term, markets don’t move upward in a straight line, and certainly a family’s life-goals may also change on a dime. They therefore plan their clients’ investments for the unexpected and advise accordingly. They often are asked to coordinate the efforts of other professionals on the team— the accountant, lawyers, insurance brokers, and mergers and acquisitions advisors—to develop a comprehensive strategy.

They have been retained by professionals, such as lawyers, to advise on the investments of ultra-high net worth families. Mr. Ashoo and Mr. Snyder are the published authors of the book Beyond Wealth: Finding the Balance Between Wealth and Happiness and the whitepapers: Exiting Strategies: The CEO’s Seven Critical Steps to Cashing out of a Business, Managing and Preserving Wealth; Four Factors the Affluent Must Know to Avoid Financial Disaster and Secure Their Dreams; and Intelligent Investing: Making Smart Investing Decisions in Today’s Volatile Market. They are published financial expert columnists in national journals and newspapers as well as legal and tax publications and have been interviewed nationwide on radio regarding wealth management for the affluent.

From The Founders:
We’ve been privileged to work with high net worth families and individuals, helping them achieve a positive change in their lives and finances. We’ve learned a great deal from successful people, and we’ve been inspired by the energy, effort, discipline, drive, leadership, and purpose they have devoted to creating wealth.

We’ve developed sound, innovative ideas we want to share with you—insights that will help you manage not only the financial side of your affairs better but also the nonfinancial issues and challenges that many families face (which sometimes represent a much bigger problem than the finances).

Our goal is to sharpen your sense of financial direction in a way that will change your life for the better. When you integrate wealth management with life planning, merging life issues with complex financial strategies, your human and financial capital will both flourish. Here is what we see families like yours striving to achieve:

  • You want protection that will limit your losses from the markets, economy, taxes, world events, interest rates, family disputes, and legal situations.
  • You want a predictable income allowing you to maintain your lifestyle. This income may come from payroll, interest, dividends, capital gains, royalties, rents, and passive income.
  • You want consolidated reporting as part of a strategic plan that can be regularly tracked, preferably each quarter. You want to know what you are invested in, how you are doing, and the choices you have.
  • You wish to protect your wealth and have a legacy for future generations.

Pillar Wealth Management offers you practical strategies to achieve all this.


Hutch Ashoo


Chris Snyder