Who We Are


You want advisors whose sole focus and intention is to help you, not sell products. We are financial advisors, not financial product pushers. We don’t sell anything and we don’t charge commissions. For this reason, we don’t prick our consciences with the conflicts of interest so common at large financial firms, big banks and discount brokers. Our first and final goal is always to help you achieve all your financial and life dreams.


We serve as your fiduciary, one of four ways we establish trust and transparency. This means we are legally required to always act in your best interest. We take this role very seriously. 

That means we employ only the most skilled and ethical professionals with the highest integrity. It means we apply strategies, systems, and disciplines that we’ve developed over decades of market and investment experience.


They say experience is the best teacher. That’s certainly true with investing, but only if you’re paying attention to history far beyond just the last five years. With market cycles, the learning curve spans decades. 

A well-intentioned firm or advisor may not have figured out how to incorporate that long of a learning curve into their process. Unfortunately, we saw a lot of that in 1987, 2000 and 2008, when many people at all levels of wealth suffered crippling losses at the hands of advisors who were not actively or wisely managing risk.

We’ve been investing for clients for 30+ years. Our team has worked through all types of market conditions. And we’ve incorporated historical data as far back as 1925 into our process.

Our senior advisors:

  • Average 30 years of experience
  • Have worked with families worth up to 400 million

You reap the benefits of all this experience, so you can have financial peace of mind.

Pillar is a fee-only independent firm with no proprietary products. You can expect a culture of straight talk, honesty, and sound advice from us. Our only product is The Best Advice We Can Give You.

We are proud of the fee-only services you’ll experience, which we deliver because of our exclusivity. We only work with clients we trust, respect, and who share our business and family values. We are not all things to all people.

Pillar’s private wealth management services cater to sophisticated and affluent families with at least $5 million in investable assets. Our services are provided to a limited number of clients and we only accept new clients when we have determined that we can add substantial value to their financial lives.

Are we right for you?

  • I want an experienced team watching my money.
  • I want trusted advisors not commissioned salespeople.
  • I want a team that helps me manage life events.
  • I want a team that listens to my generational goals.
  • I want transparent cost-effective fees with no surprise bills.
  • I want to take advantage of smart tax strategies.
  • I want the checks and balances that experience brings.
  • I want to understand and participate in my financial strategy.