Helping You Achieve Your Financial Dreams

Secure Retirement Through Wealth Management and Financial Planning

Helping You Achieve Your Financial Dreams

David Yates is transitioning to retirement at age 60.

He dreams of buying a yacht and spending his days sailing around the Florida Keys and the Caribbean with his wife, Barbara. As the owner of a successful company, David’s total compensation is in excess of $1 million annually and he has a current net worth of over $25 million in assets.

Ideally, David would like to have $750,000 a year to spend in retirement. His retirement pension benefit will pay him $100,000 per year with no cost-of-living adjustments. The family owns a $2.5 million home in San Francisco and a $1.5 million home in Key West, Florida.

David and Barbara have two children in college at Stanford and they would like to start a $2.5 million scholarship fund there. In addition, Barbara lost her sister to breast cancer three years ago and wants to leave at least $3 million to the Komen Foundation for breast cancer research.

The Yates family wants to protect their assets by avoiding needless investment risk and unnecessary lifestyle compromises. They want to feel confident that they can achieve their personal goals and live their dream.


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