Avoid Financial Disaster

Four Factors The Affluent Must Know To Avoid Financial Disaster And Secure Their Dreams

By Haitham “Hutch” E. Ashoo & Christopher Snyder

Avoid Financial DisasterEXECUTIVE SUMMARY
All of us have different dreams. You may want to achieve financial freedom so that you never have to work again – even if you plan on working the rest of your life. You may want to make a top-level college education possible for your children or grandchildren. You might want to provide the seed capital that will give your children or grandchildren a great start in life, whether that’s with a home or a business. You may dream of a vacation home on the beach or in the mountains. Or you may have achieved tremendous success throughout your career and believe that it’s important to leave a legacy that lives on. You want to leave something behind for your favorite charity that will enable it to continue on with its good work. Whatever your dreams are, they are important to you, which makes them extremely worthwhile. Let’s get started making your financial dreams a reality.


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